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Slobs of the Internet Unite!

my sexy no-prescription glasses

Hi! Do you like my glasses? Don’t they make me look smart? Do I look a little bit like Whoorl? No? Oh well. The truth is I do not need glasses. I have perfect vision. Better than perfect, in fact. BUT I love glasses! I want to look smart and sexy like a librarian! So when Toby decided he didn’t like these and never got around to getting his prescription glass put in, guess what…. I get them!!!! Wheeeee! I’m so going to wear these as a secret disguise.

9/27 part 2

A secret disguise to distract you from my slobby attire! Ha ha ha ha… Okay, whatever. Nothing can help this outfit. It was laundry day yesterday and we spent the day at the doctor’s office instead of doing laundry.

Baby Bug might have an ear infection. She’s been cranky and sticking her finger in her ear. I gave her chocolate just to stop the crying for one second and now her ear is covered in chocolate. I tried to wipe it off with a wet paper towel but that made her scream bloody murder. I figured that was a pretty obvious symptom so I made an appointment with her pediatrician.

The chocolate smudges in her ear did make a handy indicator for the doctor to figure out which ear was bothering her. The doctor said it wasn’t serious, probably just a virus, so we went home none the wiser. I’m actually glad that she’s not getting antibiotics but I’m sure we picked up a whole slew of new viruses while waiting in the germ infested waiting room. I wish I could know these things before I heft her off to the house of horrors. Poor Bug. She was sure she was going to get a shot again.

My first picture for my "I dress like a slob every day" pool

Back to my horrible outfit. As you can see, this is totally normal for me. I dress like this every day. It is sad and pathetic and I am not proud of it. But life has got me in it’s grip right now so I might as well have a little fun with it, right? I decided to make my own flickr pool called “I dress like a slob every day”. You know, in parody of the ever fashionable and trim-as-a-whip Ms. Susan Wagner of Friday Playdate? Maybe you are familiar with her Working Closet pool? I’ve been following it for quite a while, wishing I could play. But sadly, I don’t own any fancy clothes like that. And if I did I’d probably hide them because Baby Bug would smear greasy goldfish cracker oil on them and ruin them.

slob badge

And with that I bid you to go check it out and join yourself if you are so inclined. I’ve even made a little badge for you to put in your sidebar if you like. No hard feelings if you don’t want to advertise your slobdom. I’m totally with you. We should not embrace our slovenliness. My father-in-law is probably disowning me right this very minute.

p.s. Letters next post, I promise.


  • Bethany Actually

    The sad thing is, I’ve been looking at everyone’s “slob” photos and thinking to myself, But, that’s what I look like when I am trying to NOT dress like a slob! I took a photo today but our computer was misbehaving and I couldn’t download the photos yet. And now I really have to go to bed. G’night!

  • comfortablycrazy

    Ok I finally got a picture uploaded. I can’t believe I’m going to let everyone see these. This is why I’m always on the other side of the camera. I look hideous.
    And you do look kinda like whoorl.

  • Alissa

    Cute glasses! Lucky you with the perfect eyesight though – I wish I didn’t have contacts/glasses.

    When I saw the first photo and before I scrolled down to read what was under it I thought – ‘that’s a lovely outfit’. I love the trousers and think you look very pulled together. Relaxed casual is fine and you live in California so it just seems appropriate to me. Maybe it should be laundry day more often. I love your look as I dress similarly but totally understand where you’re coming from when seeing other mums wardrobes/outfits.

  • OMSH

    I swear I’ll take a photo tomorrow – I’m charging my battery right now for Mer and Kenny’s Fun Run at school in two hours! :)

    You’re a cute slob though – and might I say, your cat has it good if THAT is its scratching post/climby thing-a-ma-bob!

  • Erin

    So I know you weren’t looking for laundry advice, but I thought I’d share a secret about getting greasy stains out of clothing. When you notice the stain, douse it in liquid dish detergent (they’re made to cut grease!) and then when you take the item off, add some laundry stain remover . I’ve used this trick a zillion times and it almost always gets the grease out! Grease stains are a mother f…

  • josephine

    Hey. Please feel free to tell me if you don’t like the badge. I didn’t have anyone to show it to before I posted it (I’m impatient) so it could be dumb for all I know. I’d love some feedback. I’ll change it easily.

  • Jennie

    Everyday is “Dress Like a Slob” day for me. ;-) I used to be an entrepreneur and while I’m working on my next project or finding a work-from-home gig I pretty much wear ratty t-shirts and comfy *big* pants *LOL* I’m dieting now and don’t want to buy a new wardrobe until I ditch some weight. Hey – Thanks for the badge! I’ll use it on my blog that is still a work-in-progress. I wouldn’t dare upload a photo I would honestly die of embarrassment. Especially with what I’m wearing today!

    P.S. Cute glasses!

  • Jenifer

    Is this still mom’s only? Cause I’m very slovenly but my child is feline. Things that happen when you don’t have a job. I use to dress so cute. But, now t-shirts and jeans are my uniform. Stacy, Clinton and Tim Gunn would eat me alive.

    SAJ says: Most definitely NOT just for moms! Hee hee! We even have some manly men and toddlers!

  • Kim

    Man… I do go to work and still dress like a slob. I hate it. I keep telling myself to work on that and I do want to, I just never feel comfortable no matter what I wear. I have to say I love your brown pants though. So cute! How I wish I could dress so “slobby.” I just need to stop worrying about the baby’s wardwrobe for a while and try to update mine a little bit. :) And then actually wear what I buy… (I do have a number of decent things in my closet, I just never feel like “me” in them – I feel like I’m playing dress-up) But like you said, even if you do dress nicely, it all ends in greasy goldfish cracker oil and god knows what else. Oh the dilemma.

    And the badge is perfect!

  • Amanda

    Poor Baby Bug … I had a non ear infection last year for almost 3 months … I was 30 years old at the time and was seriosly considering taking up illicit drugs just to make the pain stop it was so bad. The only thing that gave me any relief for even a second (and I know this will sound totally crazy but it worked) was a sock filled with about a cup of plain uncooked rice that was put in the microwave for about 45 seconds to heat it up then placed on my ear. It helped relieve the pressure/pain a bit and made it tolerable for a little while. I hope she feels better.

  • aunt kathy

    Ha! The day you start “I dress like a slob” I had told myself to stop dressing like a slob! Since we are at the warehouse and are meeting customers (that all dress better than we do!) I thought I should ramp things up. But having lost 19 pounds nothing fits. Arrggh! Too bad I don’t take pics of myself.

  • Jennifer

    I think this is the best idea, EVER! I love the pool, the badge, the idea. I even made a little post to tell people! Thanks!

    PS: My husband thought I was crazy for purposely taking pictures of myself looking fugly and then posting them on the internet. LOVE IT.

  • witchypoo

    About the ear infection thing, any time your child is rubbing her ears, assume it is an ear infection, especially if there is a smoker in the house.
    When my sister banned all smoking from the house, her daughter’s ear infections went away.
    Just sayin…

  • Madhouse Wife

    Who has time to dress like anything but a slob when they have little kids?! My lowest moment was the day my husband left for work and came home 10 hours later to find me unshowered, untoothbrushed and still in my pajamas. Hey, I ain’t proud; just a fact of life.

  • Kerry

    Hi! I’m delurking (I read your blog all the time). I’m not a mother, but I had a LOT of ear infections. Two things that I know about them: 1) They don’t give you antibiotics for them anymore until the infection has been there over a week; and 2) Polysporin makes really really effective ear drops that make the pain go away in a little over a day.

    Also, if its draining, her mouth tastes yucky and her throat will feel weird. Little freeze pops will take care of that and will make her suck, which will recalibrate her ears. Good luck. Ear infections suck for everyone involved.

  • Keely

    I’ve really been enjoying the slob pool. Posted yesterday and Wednesday. I took a pic today, but will wait until tomorrow to upload because in addition to being a slob – I am also very lazy. :/ Off to bed I go…

  • familymclean

    I just can’t do it. I am busting my butt over the last couple of days to be a non-slob for my hub. I want him to come home to a pretty piece of eye candy…not going great but I am really trying!

  • Sam

    I promise I will take a picture…it’s just that we have these tiny mirrors and no full length ones. Most of the time I feel okay, but I do still wear maternity shirts…

  • SmocknMama

    Well, I don’t usually take pics of myself and this week I’ve had lots o’ appointments so I haven’t looked too slovenly. But today, yep, I did. I had my daughter take a pic, I’ll get it up tomorrow.

  • lynne

    Tsk to the person who is nicking your work. Grrrr. Love the concept of your new Flickr gallery. May I join even though I’m not a mom? I’ve got a great photo of me wandering around Oslo totally oblivious my knickers are on show, peaking up from my waist band of my low slung trousers (and no they weren’t Calvin’s but the big, flowery variety – cringe).

  • familymclean

    Oh, lynne do you have no imagination?! I just figured there was a peek a boo game going on or something. Nick her work, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it if you missed that comment, I want to be like her someday!!!

    SAJ, I meant no offence, sorry if I sounded rude, I tend to in the evenings, I should have worded that way differently. :-)

  • carrien

    I was just thinking that I wanted to parody that flickr pool myself, and now you’ve made this handy cute button and I can use it too. I wish I could join, I’ve wanted a hero necklace for like ever but I have no clothes. sigh…This was a very great post.

  • Emily

    I love your new flickr pool. I wish I could join and I secretly love being a slob, but my job requires me to wear a suit (or almost!) every day! I am a first time commenter and I love your blog, your humor, your wedding, your photos, your baby bug….everything! I am one of whoorl’s sister’s friends, so that’s how i found you. I am delurking myself to my favorite blogs.