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    little e and little f!

    little e is for little elephants

    It’s time for some little letter catch up! Little “e” is for elephants and little “f” is for little fishies! Duh. I guess there’s nothing new to discuss there.

    little f is for little fishies

    We could talk about how I do not like to eat fish. This is sort of boring except that it’s come up lately when I’m reading Baby Bug’s “Yummy Yucky” book. On one page it says “Fish Sticks are Yummy!” I just can’t bring myself to read it correctly. Fish sticks are Yucky. I know at some point I need to expose Baby Bug to fish. It is good for her afterall but I just can’t stomach the smell of it. I think she’ll have to learn to like fish when she goes camping with Toby and they catch a fish together and cook over a camp fire and eat it right there on the shore of the lake. My Dad has been trying to win me over with that trick for years.

    Get your letters here while their hot. Oh no! You missed the free letter download. Stay tuned. They will be released again for sale in my shop.