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little e and little f!

little e is for little elephants

It’s time for some little letter catch up! Little “e” is for elephants and little “f” is for little fishies! Duh. I guess there’s nothing new to discuss there.

little f is for little fishies

We could talk about how I do not like to eat fish. This is sort of boring except that it’s come up lately when I’m reading Baby Bug’s “Yummy Yucky” book. On one page it says “Fish Sticks are Yummy!” I just can’t bring myself to read it correctly. Fish sticks are Yucky. I know at some point I need to expose Baby Bug to fish. It is good for her afterall but I just can’t stomach the smell of it. I think she’ll have to learn to like fish when she goes camping with Toby and they catch a fish together and cook over a camp fire and eat it right there on the shore of the lake. My Dad has been trying to win me over with that trick for years.

Get your letters here while their hot. Oh no! You missed the free letter download. Stay tuned. They will be released again for sale in my shop.


  • nina

    Fish sticks are soo yucky. Pasty, smelly, salty. If those were the only kind of fish available, I would never eat fish again!

    I do like fish. My husband does not like it for the same reasons you do. I did convince him that good sushi was not fishy and he bravely tried the hot chili/tuna roll.

    Those green fishies on the card are so cute. I bet BB loves them. Sigh. I wish I had a little girl in the house again. Darn it, they grow up too fast!

  • commonplaceiris

    I have to second the admiration of the banner, it’s fabulous.

    Loved the dress like a slob post — there have been plenty of days since my daughter was born when I don’t dress at all (by which I mean that I stay in the clothes I slept in not that I’m undressed!).

  • Jenna

    Gosh, I love both of those. My son’s favorite letter (who has a favorite letter at not even TWO… I make weird children) is E. So he’ll dig it.

    Also dig the new banner.

  • margalit

    Fish should NEVER smell. If it smells, it isn’t fresh. Try buying fish that isn’t a fish stick, fresh fish from Whole Paycheck is usually good, albeit expeinsive, or from a fish monger. You live at the beach, there must be fishermen that sell fish from their boats in the late evening. If you buy that, you’ll be amazed at how good fish is. Frozen, never. But fresh, YUM.

    LOVE your new banner. it is the best one yet. I swear it, you are so freaking talented. You gotta take this stuff professional.

  • LostinPlace_Kim

    Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness!! I love your new banner. I can’t even tell you! It’s by far the most adorable banner I have ever seen! Doesn’t hurt that I love fall and Li’l Miss M was a ladybug last year for Halloween, but WOW girl, that’s just stinkin’ adorable. Your talent, it kills me :)

  • Valerie

    Wow, your new banner is fantastic. I love fish and I’m trying to get the monkeys to love it, too. We’re about half and half now. I do have one (the 4 year old) who will eat sushi!

  • Gramma

    While they’re hot. I got a big hug from Rapunzel yesterday. Try a salmon steak or filet…just sprinkle with lemon pepper or lemon juice and bake just until it flakes…I’m sure you’ll like it. Margalit is right. If it smells it is not fresh.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    I love fish sticks, but they have to be the good kind that are flaky, not the mushy ones. I like most seafood actually. Thank you so much for the flashcards, every single one of them are so cute!

  • Margie

    I had my share of fish sticks as a kid, and didn’t hate them. But I wouldn’t eat them any more, because of the breading on them. I’m a lot pickier about what I eat, in that I read labels, and avoid trans fats, white flour, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.

    As margalit says, good fresh fish doesn’t smell. I’ll pick up a package at the grocery and hold it up to my nose, and if it has even the faintest fishy smell, back it goes–I don’t care if anyone sees me doing this. Then once I buy fresh fish, we eat it within 24 hours. I will buy frozen fish.

    Also noticed, and really love, the new banner!

  • Jessie

    My mom told me fish is yucky when I was growing up, and now that I’m an adult even though I want to eat fish I can’t eat it because I get about three bites in when my brain goes, “But fish is gross!” She also ruined hard-boiled eggs by repeatedly telling us “Cold eggs are gross,” as a way to get us to the breakfast table quickly. Even though I love my mom and think she did an awesome job raising me, I sometimes wish I could eat fish without being completely grossed out.

  • Karen Holmes

    Hi there!
    Still voting for a katydid for little letter “k”
    Thanks for adorable alphabet artwork. :)