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Back in Balance and Blathering

beach buds (11/365)

I don’t have a lot to blog about today… which makes me wonder if I should blog at all. Should I just leave well enough alone with an old post or blather on about the state of normality?

I started on some more paintings and even though all I did was put the base coat down, I feel a lot better about that looming deadline. Too many looming deadlines does not a happy girl make. Yesterday was a super productive day. It must be the caffeine. I’m up to two cups of coffee and one glass of black iced tea a day now. Yikes! But, hey, dinner was cooked before 7pm, the baby was bathed AND the dishes were done by eight. I also mopped the floor. I usually fail those deadlines miserably. For a victory dance, I took a shower (Wow. Needed it.) and then painted. Since I was still wide awake at midnight (which is never good. Hello 5am) I worked on my colossal redesign of this site that will probably take five years to finish.

I love web design and hate it at the same time. It just takes so long and I can never get it done. And I don’t even do the coding! I just design it and bribe one of my web designer friends to put it all together for me. Even still, by the time I near the end of my vision, I’ve changed my mind and have to start all over again. I’m on phase 7 right now of a design that has NEVER even seen the light of day. Phase 7!

Maybe that doesn’t sound like I’m balancing things. But in reality, I am. The web re-design project has been a list item on my electronic sticky notes since forever. I’m super happy that I finally knocked the 57 items above it off so I can work on something that is really important to me. I’m soooo sick of the pink and black theme. But don’t get your hopes up that something new and fresh is coming to any time soon. These things take time. So much tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!


  • DeeJay

    Woot! Am I really first here. hehe Wow, I’m so honored!

    I so know what you mean about the web design thing. I worked on different templates to find one that I liked that also looks good in FireFox. Found one and manipulated it once and that’s the one that I have right now. It will change in color and banner and content, but I really like the large roomy layout of it all.

    It’s so good that you got some quiet time for yourself. I feel that it is a necessity of the happy content soul. Last night I put every body to bed and then played for two hours all on my own. Didn’t even put an eye out! Double score!

    There was a 3 part show on PBS last night and I watched all 3 hours of it and I think that’s what sparked my post 10 p.m. life. It was something like American Crafts or Crafts In America. So inspirational and informative that I wanted to go visit each of the places and learn from the artists. Heaven, it was pure heaven.

  • BeachMama

    Whew, a post about a not so exciting day ;). So you have normal every day days like the rest of us? Sounds just about right. I love that you are redesigning your site yourself. Summer is here for me and this means that I want to make a move to my own domain. As soon as we get settled in from our trip out west I might just start making that move. I should add though, that I love your site the way it is right now :).

  • Penny Michelle

    Woman, you rock. You are so alright! You get amazing amounts done! Having a toddler really takes up all your time, so be easy on yourself, woman! really! You’re doing a phenomenal job! just have FUN!

  • Kami

    There never is enough time in the day! I find keeping my to do list in my head rather than writing it down helps me forget how long it really is. I stay much saner that way and if Momma’s sane, all be good.

  • Gramma

    Believe it or not, we all have the same amount of time. We can spend it wisely trying to better ourseves by learning how to do something new. We can waste it by watching a stupid rerun on the tube when we didn’t even like it the first time around. Use it. Fill it up with worthwhile projects. But you know the routine