• Bug,  Super Dad

    is it Saturday already?


    I fell out of blogging easier than I expected. It’s so weird. It’s almost like I have a real life or something. I can see how normal people just stop posting. Who cares if my stats drop down to nothing, I’ve got cardboard boxes to convert into rocket ships and paintings to paint and diapers to change! But this is really weird for me. All the other times I’ve stopped blogging, I’ve had to practically duct tape my laptop closed to keep myself off the internet. Not this time. The laptop is open and every spare minute I’m working away on my grand new website design. It’s going to be really cool if I can pull it off. There’s sooooo much work to be done before August. I want to give you a sneak preview but I’m not even ready for that.

    get this thing OFF!

    In the meantime, you are probably wondering what Baby Bug is up to. She’s busy being cute, as usual. She’s a regular kid now. I have a lot more experience with “regular kids”. These stages are so much easier for me than the “I’ve-suddenly-landed-on-another-planet” baby stages. She’s somewhat predictable and so happy to be entertained by me. All my old baby sitting tricks work like magic. We play all day long. She’s into everything of course and talking more and more.

    She really really likes music and makes both Toby and I “Twirl” with her everyday. It’s funny to see how Baby Bug has Toby wrapped around her little finger. If I wanted Toby to dance with me at a wedding or something, I had to practically drag him onto the dance floor or threaten to dance with some sweaty scary guy. Then he might dance ONE song with me, if I was lucky, but it wasn’t like he enjoyed it. All Baby Bug has to do is look up at him with her big pretty cow eyes and say “Twirl?” and he’s up on his feet twirling around to “I’m a Little Tea Pot”. If his friends could see him now.

    I’m not even jealous. It’s soooo wonderful how close they are. I think she even favors her Dad over me. Which is fine. I know I’m the one she comes running to when she whacks herself in the head on the corner of the coffee table. I think being a work-at-home Dad definitely has it’s advantages. Toby and Baby Bug play way more than they are supposed to. I don’t know how he gets any work done. She’s always hollering over the baby gate at him and he can’t resist her.

    I love this neckline

    Who could?