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    Spring Break Ends

    Spring Break is over and that meant we had to take Rapunzel home. We had a lot of fun and all of us were sad that the week was over. The good part of the week ending was that we got to take a trip to the sticks to return her to her family.

    Spring in the Sticks is a very beautiful time. I love taking Baby Bug out there when we can get outside and really enjoy the flowers and the dirt and the dogs and did I say dirt already? We don’t have any kind of yard where we live at the beach. Baby Bug can’t roam free any farther than my sliding glass door. So letting her walk around and explore my mom’s half acre was really fun.

    My mom (the green thumb of the family) decided it would be a great experience to plant seeds with her granddaughters. All three of them. It was great. Baby Bug has always liked leaves and plants and dirt but giving her little round seeds that looked like a “ball! ball! ball!” was even more fun. She could have sat there and put seeds into dirt all day. We have no idea what was planted in the end. It’s going to be entertaining to see what comes up where.

    Another good thing about the sticks is that you never know what to expect. Like broccoli on the grill for dinner and an impromptu twilight wiffle ball baseball game! I can smell summer in the air already.