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    How Babies Have Tea Parties

    1. Watch eagerly as Mama gets mystery box out of high, out-of-reach cupboard.

    2. Exclaim with glee as Mama sets up real glass cups and saucers at kid’s table.

    3. Grab two cups and run off with them down the hall.

    4. Return to table to see where strange sipping sound is coming from.

    5. Copy Mama and make sipping and “aaaah” sounds into cups.

    6. Make sipping sound into sugar bowl and tea pot and tea pot lid.

    7. Smile at Mama because you are so smart with the sipping sounds

    8. Celebrate your brilliant sipping by banging plates together. Enjoy clinking sound and funny faces Mama makes.

    8. Eat goldfish crackers ravenously.

    9. When done with crackers, clear table by sweeping dishes onto the floor with arm.

    10. Grind goldfish crackers into carpet and enjoy crunching sensation.

    11. Run into kitchen, find cat’s dishes. Have a tea party with them too.

    12. When Mama takes away cat’s dishes, go find amazing tea party box and sit in it.

    13. Bust box sides with strong legs.

    13. Cry and throw a fit when Mama takes tea party dishes and busted box away.