• Newsbreaking Hair News

    What is UP with my hair lately?

    I grew my bangs out for this!!? I thought, “As soon as these pesky bangs get long enough to push behind my ears then I’ll be able to rest and look somewhat less shaggy.” Phooey! I look worse than ever and there is no hope of ever looking less shaggy because these are baby hairs growing out and sprouting in whatever direction they want. They will ALWAYS be there!

    Toby says he likes this about my hair. It’s my “mojo,” he says. “What makes me me“. Whatever. I think hating my hair is what makes me me. It’s a constant battle and even though these pictures capture the wildness pretty accurately, they do not capture how bad I normally look. Because I don’t post pictures of how bad I normally look. Those pictures get DELETED.

    So the clock is ticking. How long do you think I can go before I chop it all off again?

  • saj


    I’m officially late getting the April banners done. This contest thing is off to a terrible start.