the case of the odd socks

They should have an odd sock lost and found at the laundromat.


  • Rhi

    I remember an old Carol Burnett show that I watched when I was little where she went into the back of the washers and dryers to find out where all the missing socks go. It was very funny to me. So, I always imagine this place when I am missing a sock.

  • bluejaye

    Save them. Bug will go through the stage where she insists that her sox not match—or anything else. I have box of sox. The kids can match them up as a fun game. And it’s nice to have stray sox for put on visiting kids.

    Oh, they make great puppets too.

  • Gramma

    Once in a while I used to find a mate for one of my odd socks. It got to the point that I almost gave up, but then I remedied the problem by buying only plain white sox. My girls tell me now they would have liked to have girly sox with lace around the cuffs…Anyway. I used a goodly number of odd sox for rolling long tresses of five little girls on Saturday nights. They were all smiles when they went to Sunday School the next morning. with curls.