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    green snot

    Super Chic has thrown up three times today. I see sickness in our future…. ARG!

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    Beach Day!

    Toby had to go out of town for a photo shoot, so instead of staying home all alone I called up my mom and my nieces and talked them into playing hooky from school for a day and hanging out with Baby Bug and I at the beach.

    It wasn’t exactly a “beach day” but that didn’t keep us from enjoying it.

    I was kind of excited for Baby Bug to wear her real swimsuit to the ocean for the first time and actually get it wet. Last year, she was too little. This year we’ve gone to the beach a lot but we usually go in the early morning or late afternoon just for a walk or a romp in the sand. We haven’t actually gone for the whole day where you need to break out the swimsuit and sun block. She loved it. She even got bowled over by a small wave. She didn’t like it too much but that didn’t stop her from wanting to go back out for more.

    Of course the best fun was making sand castles. It always is.