• Beach Bits,  Bug,  Moody Blues

    Life Goes On…

    Toby says, “You better write something… your blog readers are going to think there is something wrong with you.” What a sweet husband. He worries about you guys. But between you and me, I think he worries that you’ll think things are rocky between us. Which they aren’t, thankfully.

    I am fine. I’m not pulling any usual Brenda freak-out tricks. I’m not crying or driving off to the sticks in a huff. I’m not chopping all my hair off or sitting on the top of a parking structure watching traffic go by. I’m fine. I just needed a break. I might still need a break. Breaks are incredibly freeing, even from blogging which is probably my most favorite hobby.

    I’ve been a bit preoccupied with my latest get rich scheme (the “binner-bonnet” idea that went down like a sad fizzled balloon and broke my heart) and my regular work load for various freelance clients. I’m torn between the work I love to do and the work that pays well. I’m torn between being a mom to the most darling little girl ever and my constant inner drive to always be busy busy busy creating things. I wish I didn’t have so many hobbies. I think I could be such a better mom if I wasn’t always day dreaming about some project or other.

    But in spite of my brain bramble, I’m doing fine. Baby Bug continues to charm me with her cuteness and the beach continues to awe me with it’s ever changing color. I’ve been taking pictures of the same view for ten years but still, I find new things worth capturing.

    I also just wanted to check in and say hi. (HI!) And for my mom, I wanted to show her this picture of Baby Bug with a hair clip in. It lasted for about .5 seconds.