Niece Fix

I’m taking a break from my pesty posts to put up some cute pictures of my niece, Rapunzel, doing some artwork on my kitchen floor.

I’m so proud of her.


  • Bok

    She’s got a kind of Seventies graphic style going on there. Ooh you could get her to cut out sections along some of the lines, then open out the napkin (if it is a napkin?), that would look cool.

  • DeeJay

    Rapunzel appears to be as talented as her bestest Aunt in the world. You guys are going to have such a blast as she grows!

    Two questions:

    How do you get flicker to do that slideshow thingie here on your post and how do I go about getting a quote for some work from you?

    XXXXX, DeeJay

    SAJ says: I actually do the slideshows in Photoshop. It’s an animated gif. If you have photoshop and you want to make one too, here is a how-to pdf. As far as quoting goes, email me and I’ll give you my price range. Or maybe it’s something you want to enter into my “FREE Graphic” monthly give away…

  • gorillabuns

    i’m totally impressed by her design!

    SAJ says: I’m going to start answering questions here…. Rapunzel was just outlining the design in the papertowel but I think that in itself is clever. Give that kid a sharpie and you never know what she’s going to do. Too bad it stank up the kitchen but we fixed that by putting her masterpiece outside.

  • Erin Rae

    You are pretty brave to be handing out sharpies as the marker of choice! ;-)

    Thanks for the awesome how-to. I’ve always enjoyed the slideshows, but my photoshop skills are limited to the things I do regularly. It’s nice to branch out a little.

  • Angella

    She’s cute!!

    I need to get photoshop. Do you use the big one, or Elements?

    SAJ say: The big one. We have the Adobe CS2… soon to upgrade to 3. Both Toby and I use it for work so it’s a write off for us. I don’t know if you can do an animated gif in Elements. Somebody let me know. I think I knew the answer at one time, but I’ve forgotten.

  • Jenifer

    I love that she’s so neat. No sharpie on the floor or herself (from what I can tell!). Also, I’m glad that your responding to your readers comments. It makes us feel loved. Now, if we can just get Baby Bug to respond to our comments…hmmm, I wonder how that response would come out?

    SAJ says: I know! I’ve been feeling bad about how I often don’t respond. I mean to but then I get lost in the day and then it’s time to write the next post. I read every comment so maybe if I respond right away when I read it, I’ll keep up!

  • Gramma

    I believe it is the responsibility of every mom, dad, auntie or uncle to fan the spark, of inspiration or talent they see in their children, into a full blown flame. Expose the child to all related experiences. One of my children did well through high school with her art, then kinda lost interest. My son was always fixing hurt and wounded and sick animals, now is a registered nurse taking care of wanting new babies in NICU. One of my daughters “taught” her dollies when she was still in a playpen. She went on to become a certified teacher K-12. The next daughter was fascinated by bugs…even to including a spider lily centerpiece for company dinner, with a very much alilve snail crawling up and down on the curved leaf…she went to Davis to further study creepy crawlies. (her daughter got a Bachelors in biology from UCRiverside) Guess there is some kind of genetics involved there. Another daughter strung macaroni and went on to beads before she was two…now is a custom dressmaker. Last but certainly not the least daughter played games with numbers and had tea parties, became a banker, then got to her ultimate occupation of devoted wife and mother of four…keeping household, school work and hospitality running smoothly. All were distinctly different…I certainly would not push bugs on the artist, nor tea parties to the nurse. You can tell early on. Become aware!

    SAJ says: Gramma always has the best comments. Tell them how you cook a meal starting with an onion Gramma. Or I will.”

  • Ari (Baking and Books)

    Aw, I remember those days when I was a kid and would sprawl out on my mother’s kitchen floor to doodle. The cool tile on a hot day, what a simple pleasure! Looks like your niece is quite talented too. :)

  • Gramma

    First you take an onion. Then you decide What to do with it.

    CHOP it into small cubes…
    MIX it into one pound of ground beef (or ground turkey).
    ADD an egg, 1/2 cup Ketchup and then 1/2 cup oatmeal.
    FASHION into a meatloaf.
    SPRINKLE 1/2 cup Panko (Japanese Bread Crumbs) or other crumbs over.
    PUT bacon strips over top. (Optional)
    BAKE at 350 degrees for about an hourl

    CHOP your onion into eighths.
    BROWN in the bottom of your crockpot on top of stove.
    PLACE pot in container.
    PUT 1/2 cup of flour, generous dash of paprika, salt and pepper in a bag.
    TOSS 1 1/2 pounds of cubed beef chuck in bag
    ADD meat to pot along with
    3 quartered potatoes and 3 carrots cut into 1″ slices.
    If you like turnips or parsnips, ADD a like amount of them too.
    USE either one can of tomato soup OR one can of crushed tomatoes.
    SET control on high.
    COVER and cook for about 4 hours or 8 hours on low.

    TAKE two onions and two Granny Smith Apples.
    PEEL and Slice into thin crescents.
    BROWN in olive oil.
    ADD a handful of raisins and pineapple juice drained from can
    SPRINKLE two tablespoons curry powder over top. (more if you like)
    STIR in one can of chicken broth and one can of coconut milk.
    THICKEN with two tablespoons cornstarch and 1/2 cup of broth.
    USE two cups of cooked chicken or lamb or shrimp.
    SERVE over fluffy white rice and
    PASS condiments: raisins, pineapple chunks, chopped bacon, chopped green onions, Spanish peanuts, chopped tomatoes, shredded coconut and chutney.

    NOTE: If you don’t have coconut milk, simply put one cup of shredded coconut in a sieve and pour one cup of hot water through it three times. Save wet coconut for a later cookie bake.

    Need I say more?

    SAJ says: Grammas are the best.

  • BeachMama

    Ooh, I love your Grammas recipe for meatloaf, I may have to try it. Using oatmeal and panko are new to meatloaf for me, so it might just change it up a bit. My Mom too starts almost every meal (or did when we were kids) with the onion.

  • familymclean

    She reminds me of myself when I was a kid, only I had a bit of a wild streak, I would have also drawn on the floor. Way too tempting!
    I saw Shannon today (Kedg’s BF) I told her about your blog, she says ‘Hi’.

    SAJ says: Hi Shannon!

  • Caasi

    She looks older now. I started reading your site about 18 months ago and the other day when you posted pictures of her I thought “Wow, she’s looking so much older now!” So cute.

    SAJ says: I know, I think the same thing every time I see her. She used to be “my little muchkin”!

  • Amy

    I would like to start a blog eventually. Do you create and sell templates? I would be interested :) Email me. And post the answer to us all, I am sure there are others out there like me wondering!

    SAJ says: Not right now I don’t. I don’t know flip about coding or CSS and that makes it really hard for me to make templates… HOWEVER, The people who host my website have talked about it. I would make the graphics, they would make the templates and sell hosting services all rolled into a package deal. I’m sure if we generate enough interest, it’s something that could happen. They are the Stranahans at Shoot Lee an email.