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morning banter

Mommy: Hi, Mr. Foot.

Mr. Foot: … (Mr. Foot says nothing, feet don’t talk)

Mommy: Why are you here at the high chair, Mr. Foot? You belong below the highchair. Are you hungry for something?

Baby Bug: MmmmNaaaaMmmmmNaaaaMmmmm…

Mommy: Do you want some cheerios, Mr. Foot?

Baby Bug: MmmmNaaaaMmmmmNaaaaMmmmm!

Mommy: See, you cannot eat cheerios you have no mouth.

Then Baby Bug smears banana into her pajama covered foot.

I thought this was funny at the time. Now it doesn’t seem so funny.


  • Kim

    But really – hilarious. Sure, probably because I wasn’t there. But really, because I relate. It seems so funny and cute while it’s happening and then you think, “hey… wait a second…” Darned reality.

  • nikkapotamus

    Funny! Just remember though, it’s funny the first time, cute the second, and by the time she’s two you’ll be hollering, “get your feet off the table!” (ask me how I know!)

  • BeachMama

    That is just so cute :). I never had a high chair, just a chair that clipped to the table so the feet never got up on the table top, it would have been just so cute to catch him though.

  • Debbie F.

    Feet don’t talk?! My 2 1/2 year old’s feet would beg to differ! They frequently get shoved in my face saying, “Hewwo, gimme a kiss!” Adorable the first few times, annoying when you’re just trying to get him dressed and all he’s interested in is kisses for his talking feet. Still – enjoy it!