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    Birthday Party Number TWO!!

    A lot of my relatives from the sticks couldn’t make it to Baby Bug’s big crazy Pinkkkkity First Birthday Party, so we decided to have another mini version of her party last Sunday. Why not? More cupcakes, more presents, more fun… no problem! We could make it last all month and that would be fine with Baby Bug and I. We love birthdays.

    The weather was so nice we decided to have spaghetti dinner out in my mom’s front yard. My mom makes the BEST spaghetti. It’s her specialty. With good company and no flies (because it’s winter), it was a perfect dinner.

    After dinner was cupcake time. I made some more of my pinkkkkity pink cupcakes even though technically I’m sick of pink. It just didn’t seem the same if I made them orange or blue. Besides, Baby Bug is quite experienced at pink cupcake carnage and I wouldn’t want to confuse her with a new color. She’s finessed her moves down to frosting massage and stuffing fistfuls into her mouth one after the other. It’s great fun. I love babies eating cupcakes. Two cutes make a super duper cute.

    It was also my cousin Kelz’s birthday on the fifteenth of January so we made her smush a cupcake up her nose too. Actually, she’s too ladylike for that but she did try to for the camera ’cause she’s a good sport like that. Guess how old she is… You’ll never guess. She’s six feet tall and only fourteen. Hello Supermodel. But no, she doesn’t model and she doesn’t play basketball. She just does regular fourteen-year-old stuff.

    And that was my trip to the sticks. I had to skidaddle back home as quickly as possible because my nieces (who missed the party but showed up late Sunday night) were germy and sick and I don’t think I could handle Baby Bug fighting another fever just yet. Two colds in one month is plenty for me.