• OMSH

    I’m sorry – this is completely unrealistic – this high chair is missing a laptop. I KNOW I saw it there earlier. *snort*

    Too cute.
    Man I wish I could draw.
    It is so unfair that I don’t get to be a “Drawy-drawing person!”

  • DeeJay

    By the way, my daughter is expecting our first grandchild in August…I may need to borrow the skull & bones onesie from baby bug for a photo op. hehe

  • josephine

    Baby Bug it almost outgrowing it already! (It’s totally sized wrong…says 18 months, fits like 9 months) I’d be happy to pass it on to somebody who will truely appreciate it.

  • August

    You use illustrator for your illustrations, right? They are so cute. I’m such a huge fan of your graphics. I don’t always comment but I have you in bloglines and I love to look at your photos and drawings. Do you presketch these? Do you have a wacom? Which brand do you suggest? I have that as #1 on my wishlist!

  • josephine

    This one I did sketch first because Baby Bug wouldn’t let me play with my computer. She’s very jealous of the “other baby”. I actually liked my sketch better in it’s rough crazy messiness BUT I couldn’t scan it because the scanner is in Baby Bug’s room and she was asleep when I posted this. An ongoing problem with my office/baby’s room situation.

    Anyway, I do have a waccom tablet and I’ll sell it to you for cheap because I NEVER USE IT!!!! I HATE IT! Not because it isn’t wonderful but because I taught myself to click-draw with my mouse in those many years that I couldn’t afford to buy a waccom tablet and so when I did finally buy one, my hand wouldn’t work with it. (!) Too big of a learning curve and I’m lazy and impatient so I went back to mouse-clicking. (The real problem is: I can’t figure out how to draw with it because the pen follows your hand around when you lift it off the tablet. This BUGS me tremendously. If anybody knows some tricks, lets email.)

    Boy today is give-away day at saj.com! First the skull and cross bones pj’s then the waccom tablet. Anything else anybody wants?

    p.s. yes, I use Illustrator CS2. I LOVE Illustrator.

  • DeeJay

    I had a Wacom tablet and it passed away one day. Really irritates me because I paid so much for it and had just barely started to learn to use it. Bummer.

    I have “Illustrator, Classroom in a Book” sitting here and I have just barely gotten started on it too. I so envy your talent!

    Thanks for the offer on the outfit, if you are serious let me know…but if not (not a problem at all) I’d like to know where you ordered it from so that I could pick one up. It’s just so cute!