• Bug

    “Stop and Go, Stop and Go….”

    Baby Bug has a new toy. It’s a scooter bus for one-year-olds. It’s also a brightly colored plastic bus that honks and sings an annoyingly catchy tune. I could sing it for you right now, in fact. “Stop and Go… Stop and Go….”

    What?!!! The horror!

    This is a classic case of how much you change once you become a parent. I would die a thousand deaths over having such an obnoxious thing in my house before I became Baby Bug’s mom. But now, there is nothing that could make either of us happier. I love watching her try to get on and off of it. I love how happy she is that she can push the buttons all by herself over and over (and over and over). I love how she bobs her head to the sing-songy tune. I love how it’s the first thing she wants to play with when she gets up five thirty in the morning and I’m still groggy and so very not ready to get up. I love watching her open and close the seat lid and put toys inside and then take them back out again. It is a beautiful thing when your child learns to play with a toy all by themselves.

    I could fill my house up with them. Ummmmm… No. I won’t go that far. But one loud obnoxious yellow bus in the living room is okay. We’ll rearrange our lives around it for Baby Bug’s sake.

    Have you ever seen such a sad face? This is probably what she would look like if we took the yellow bus away.