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Shoot! Crap! Mmmmmmpffffff! It sucks not being able to swear on your blog. Not that I swear a lot in real life but on a few occasions I do let some strong words fly. And this would be one of those occasions.

Baby Bug broke my control key on my laptop. See, this is why you should not let babies play with your expensive electronics. When will I ever learn? Remember that time I let my nieces play with my camera? Hmph. I’m so dumb.

I thought, “I’ll just put my laptop here on the coffee table and catch up on my bloglines while Baby Bug watches Curious George… she’ll be fine.” Oh! I was so wrong! As soon as the “other baby” (my laptop) was within reach Baby Bug climbed off the couch and clamored over to it. I don’t know what I was doing. Probably zoned out watching Curious George. This happens sometimes. I watch cartoons, she gets into things. What kind of mom am I?!!! But the cartoons are really good these days. Have you watched them?

Anyway, somehow Baby Bug flicked off my control key with her wiggly little super fingers. She’s very good at things like this. She can peel stickers off and even get lids off lotion tubes. You’d never guess such a little person would be so deft with her fingers. Too bad she can’t put the key back on for me. I’ve tried everything and my fingers seem to be too big and clumsy to put it back on. I guess I’m going to have to take a trip over to the genius bar and see if there are really any geniuses working there.


  • little miss mel

    ah, what a major drag. Hope they can fix it soon. They are sneaky little suckers aren’t they?

    My son ate about 15 teething tablets while we were visiting the inlaws. Luckily, poison control said he could eat 50-100 tablets and be fine since they are natural, but for the love of God, where was I?

  • Gwen

    My almost two year old son has done that to our laptop two days in a row, but he managed multiple keys. You can actually get them back on by yourself, it just takes a bit of time. Luckily for us my husband vacuumed the old laptop keyboard a few years ago and sucked off the “K” key, so we knew how to fix the problem. It also looks like you have all the pieces.

    Good luck.

  • Tamara

    Say, they should be able to pop it back on easily enough. I worked a key off playing my favorite timewaster online-LOL-and they were able to pop a new one on right then and there at the ‘bar’.
    Have so enjoyed watching Baby Bug grow.
    I have been reading you since before you were pregnant and even have one of your Paris postcards. It greets me every morning on the top of the stairwell.
    I even made it to Paris myself! Never thought that would happen, but, oh, what fun! Tamara

  • Laura

    I love my Mac more than life itself, but I HATE HATE HATE those keys. I popped one off by accident myself and it took me a LONG time to get it back on. Those cantilevered little plastic pieces are so annoying.

  • Felix

    Awe…you lost ‘ctrl’. Is she trying to tell you that she has all the control? Mighty talented little fingers they have. Too funny!

  • Kuky

    She got that off with her little fingers and that’s it??? My baby has popped off a key on my laptop twice but with the help of a ummm ahem pen. I was able to get it back on the first time easy. The second time I wailed about it for days pushing on it occasionally hoping it would stick. Eventually it did stick back on. I don’t have a clue how.

    And yes I do watch kiddie cartoons. My favorite is Charlie & Lola. Oh my gawd! I have a favorite kiddie cartoon and it’s not the first time I’ve advertised that fact.

  • Meghan

    I was typing one of my first major assignments of med school, and when I returned from a bathroom break I found that my kitten had popped three keys off and was batting them around on the floor. The powerbooks are resilliant, your ‘baby’ will be ok.

  • BeachMama

    BB has strong little fingers. I don’t even think I could get the keys off my laptop without a tool.

    We love Curious George too! Sometimes I find myself watching the cartoons after J has left the room, I catch myself and turn it off!

  • KJ

    Baby Wy isn’t one yet, but he knows how to turn the CPU off while his brother and sister are playing Dora’s backpack adventure. No end of frustration.

    Glad they fixed it!

  • Alissa

    One of our Ctrl keys is gone too thanks to our little one. The first time he did it I fixed it but the second time he took the little white plastic thingy off as well. I’m sure you’ll have some more key incidents in the future.

  • nila

    One of the signs that tell you that you are no longer in control. I’m glad you got it fixed. That Genius Bar is…genius. I heart my Mac too.

  • alison

    Oh, Oh. Josh removed my apple key, s,d, and = keys too. As long as that little rubber nub stays put it can be fixed, otherwise it’s a full keyboard replacement deal.


    (As you can guess, ours were ripped off by the perp within days of removing those shiny keys…)