paper and plastic!

Everybody wins! Phew! Who knew there were so many lurkers!!! Actually I did know. I do look at my stats obsessively now and then. But still! Yay! Wow. I feel like a blogebrity almost as big as my buddy, Whoorl. Heh. That’s just silly talk but I do feel special. Thank you everybody!

Now I feel nervous. Like I’m standing in front of a room full of people and I’ve just realized that not only am I standing there in my underwear (my ugly granny panties of course) but I’ve also shared my entire life, including all the ugly secrets with everybody in the room!!! Breath in, breath out.

Aaagh, it’s okay. What’s new?

Because everybody is so brilliant, I decided that the paper with a window cut-out was a pretty good idea. Rock on commenters! (and Kate who also called me with this idea) It’s sort of a lot of work but these are the things that make my world go round. I’ll just be cutting and taping and folding quietly like a mouse every night after Baby Bug goes to bed. I only have to make 30 of them right? Hey, what happened to my “small party”? I always over-do.

I also have another idea for the “baby-safe” party favor. I’m going to venture into the world of iron on transfer paper. Keri Smith did it, so maybe I can too. I’m going to make a little round “Gumball the Kitty” pillow and stuff it in the pink paper bag. I’ll make him the same color as the gumballs and maybe cut out a window so you can see him through the paper bag. Maybe I could make the bag look like a cat carrier.

Am I getting in too far over my head? Maybe I’m making too much work for myself. It seems like fun though. We’ll see how I maneuver around iron on transfer paper. I’ve heard that dry heat (no steam setting on your iron) is the key. It might be fun to put a crinkly cellophane inside or a squeak ball. Where do you buy squeaky squeeze balls anyway?

Phew! I need to go take a shower before the baby wakes up from her nap. I just wanted to pop in and give you the update and say thank you for all the lovely comments. I read every single one. No wonder the baby has mysterious scratches on her arms. I think I need to spend less time on the computer and more time paying attention to the baby. Being crafty/obsessive comment reader does not a good mom make.

Oh no! I hear somebody waking up. Arg. Guess I’ll be sporting the dirty pony tail bun again today.