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skinny jeans

Today is a good day. The baby is asleep, I’m sipping freshly brewed coffee AND I’m wearing my old skinny jeans. The really old ones. Like almost before I started wearing low rise jeans. Well not that old. I’ll never go back to waisted tapered leg jeans again.

With my body type it’s best if I stick to low rise flare leg style forever. I don’t even care if my daughter is embarrassed of me when she gets old enough to know better. I’m sorry, but I look terrible in tapered legged jeans. They are so unflattering to my ample sized butt and speed skater thighs. I’ll go right along with every other 80’s revival trend but peg leg jeans will never touch my womanly shape again. Not unless I grow another gallbladder.

We’ll see how long this skinny jean wearing lasts. Hopefully longer than Baby Bug’s nap. Gotta run, I hear somebody waking up!


  • jP

    Congradulations on the jeans success. I remember when I got back into my pre-prego jeans. A day to celabrate. It took 2 kids and 8 years!
    I resently switched to lower rise jeans with a boot cut leg. Becky said she didn’t know me to wear “fashionable jeans”. High compliment from a 10 year old. I like the lower rise because they fit just below my ample tummy. I feel thinner, even if I’m not. I am an apple if ever there was one.

  • Gramma

    Save all those old jeans…they are good for cutting up into squares, sewing patches together and lining with red flannel…great for a beach picnic.

  • Jennifer

    Congrats! :) I’ve got a huge bloat thing going on today so it’s nice to know SOMEBODY is fitting in skinny jeans. I can’t wait till after this pregnancy to finally get serious and into my skinny jeans. I know they’re around here somewhere…

  • rachel

    Hurray for skinny jeans!

    Ya know, I have the opposite body type and I too felt crappy in those high-waisted, taper-legged jeans we wore in the 80s.

    I like the jeans that sit just below the waist (no muffin top) and are bootleg but not flared. If only they would stay in style forever.

  • Emily

    I am sure you are bootylicous! I am anti peg leg skinny jeans too. If we all refuse I am sure they can not stay in style for too long.

  • gorillabuns

    that’s great news! baby bug is napping and you can fit into your skinny jeans! maybe, i should have a gallbladder upset occur to fit into my skinny pants!

  • kerflop (formerly very mom)

    sadly, my skinny jeans have gotten up and walked out on me in disgust. They’ve given up completely, and it’s probably for the best. Now I have more shelving space in my closet for all of the capris I own. Long after capris go out of style, I’ll still be wearing them, because finding shorts that cover my mom thighs sufficiently is an impossible task.