• Beach Bits,  Bug

    hoodies and uggs

    Since it was a foggy ugly gray day, Baby Bug and I put on our hooded sweatshirts and fake uggs (over our pajamas) and tromped down to the beach so we could practice for Humbolt County weather. Actually, I just wanted a chocolate croissant for breakfast and that’s what we do when we have “special treats”. It just happened to be an ugly and gray foggy day, just like it will be when we go up north.

    I love it that I can make up fun routines like this with Baby Bug. It’s like having my own personal permanent best friend. Well, at least for the next three years or so. It strikes me as funny that the things we do now will be what she remembers as normal when she is older. The way I cover her up with blankets will be how she likes to be covered when she grows up. The way I cut up her sandwiches, the way I fix spaghetti, the choices I make for scented things like laundry detergent and deodorant and bathroom cleaner will be stored away in her scent memory as normal. It almost gives me a power trip realizing that no matter what I do, no matter how funky or strange or weird my choices are, this is what will be normal for her. It’s like I can’t screw up…sort of.

    Or you could say that all these choices are what she will be discussing with her shrink when she’s in therapy someday.