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    The Cozy Cabin at the Lake

    Toby’s Dad bought a new lease at the lake. He still owns the other lake property but he’s selling it. The new property has an old 70’s mobile home on it and man-oh-man, is it cozy. Cozy, like stepping right back into 1979. Everything from the funky gold clock to the garage sale sofas to the outdoor barbeque that looks like the back end of an orange Pinto (car).. it’s all so old and quirky it’s almost too cool to tear down. Which is too bad too because the whole thing is a fire trap and Toby’s Dad despises it. He can’t wait to tear it down and build a stick cabin from scratch. Everyone is excited about a new cabin that sleeps twenty-eight or something like that… but in the meantime, the old 70’s cabin is a great getaway for an after-thanksgiving get-together. It’s a great getaway from 2006 too if you’re hankering for a bit of the past. I wish I would have taken more pictures. The wallpaper alone was worth a blog post.

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    Baby Bug’s first thanksgiving

    I don’t have very many pictures of Baby Bug’s first Thanksgiving Day. I don’t know what I was doing but I guess snapping pictures I was not. I think I was talking to relatives and watching the baby play ball with the dogs. I should have been helping in the kitchen, but I wasn’t doing that either.

    Dinner was delicious, of course. Baby Bug seemed to like turkey and stuffing and yams just like she like anything else that is people food. I think she was way more impressed with all the fun new people to entertain her. She loves her cousins. They kept her occupied for hours on end.

    We also took a Ponnay family reunion portrait. Everyone dressed in khaki and black and posed on an old family heirloom rug. The pictures turned out really cool but they are all still trapped in Toby’s camera, waiting to be processed. Maybe later I’ll post one.

    That pretty much sums up Thanksgiving! I’m sure I’m missing something important but since I haven’t had a wireless connection and I have a baby who keeps me away from my computer, I’m blogging a few days behind real time and the details are quickly fading.