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Sand Castle Festival 06

Sunday was the annual Sand Castle Festival at our local beach. I’m super bummed that I’ve lost my archives with all the pictures from the year we actually participated in the contest. That was the best. I don’t think I’ll be participating again for a while. At least not until Baby Bug is not so fond of eating sand and making big messes.

Since we can’t participate in the castle building contests, we are content to visit the sand castles. This year was a little bit disappointing. There weren’t really any good castles. Not like other years where some of the sculptures are truly amazing. I guess all the professional sand castle builders took this year off. Most of the castles this year were low to the ground and pretty tame. I think we might have even have had a chance at winning if we had participated this year.

We made the dull castle event extra fun by hanging out with my friend Jbomb and her baby, Max. And then we went to Sprinkles for a cupcake treat afterwards. You can’t beat that!


  • BeachMama

    I remember your photos from last year. They were great. Hopefully by next year Baby Bug will be walking enough to give you a hand. She could dig a whole at the very least.

  • Daisy Mae

    I remember the photos from last year too. They were fabulous as are all of your pics. Am I remembering correctly that last year you and your family tried your hand at making sand scupltures? Or was I just dreaming that? I swear I remember something like that.

    I think I am going to have to make some cupcakes tomorrow. You are killing me with those cupcakes. I think it would be worth the flight out there just for the chocolate ones. OMG!!! Oops, got drool on the keyboard.