Bug,  the great illness of 06,  Tis the Season

Happy Halloween!

Here are some scary pictures that will put you in the mood for Halloween. I’m home convalescing. The surgery went fine. I was scared to death that I wouldn’t wake up again, but sure enough I woke up and I seem to be doing fine. The nurses even said I looked better than most patients do coming out of surgery–health wise. I guess I’m pretty healthy and I’m going to snap right out of this in no time. Good thing too because Baby Bug is not liking the new no-nursing and no-mommy arrangement AT ALL. Poor thing. Thankfully my mom is here and Grandma is the next best thing when it comes to being rocked to sleep. My mom is the best. She sings when she rocks and then Baby Bug sings too. It’s the sweetest thing.

So far I think the hardest thing about this surgery is hearing her cry and want me and not being able to do a single thing about it. I put a pillow over my incisions and tried to hold and cuddle her but it just wasn’t good enough. She whined and carried on something else. The anesthesia narcotics should wear off by noon tomorrow so depending on how bad vicodin is for babies, I should be able to let her nurse tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll have super duper pain tolerance and be able to get by on tylenol. I don’t know. It’s hard to gage right now because I’m still flying pretty high on whatever they gave me.

In fact, other than a horrible case of hiccups that hurt like crazy, I’m feeling pretty good. It’s weird. Kinda surreal. Like maybe it’s too good to be true. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It’s probably too early to be celebrating a quick recovery. I’m trying to be careful and not twist or turn or pull anything. I really want to get better quick and not end up in bed for days.

One good thing about being in bed is that I get to play on my computer! I haven’t had my computer to myself without the baby climbing up on my chair and begging to be picked up so she can bang on my keyboard in ages! Uninterrupted computer time! Wow! This is kinda cool. If only I didn’t feel so lightheaded and woozy.

But I’m not too woozy to upload the pictures we took the other day at the pumpkin patch. It was a really fun family outing–just Toby and I and the baby. She doesn’t seem very happy in the pictures but that is because the sun was really bright and my daughter is very good at scowling. She’s my little “scowl-ly wag”

I wanted to carve the pumpkin tonight but I think I’m just going to have to give up on that idea. I think carving or bending or walking around is off limits. And ouch! The hiccups are back. %$# hiccups!


  • Nila

    Yay, your home. I’m sure you’ll be walking along the beach, making us all jealous, in no time at all. Enjoy your computer time and a little “me” time, because who knows when you’ll have a chance like this again. Baby Bug’s lucky to have her grandma around to rock her.

  • margalit

    Glad you’re home and feeling better already. I hope that this surgery does the trick and no more nausea!

    Bug looks so cute with the pumpkins. Just adorable!

  • chris

    I am glad you are doing better. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    p.s. For the hiccups – take a tsp full of sugar. It has something to do with how your tongue moves or something, but it does work.

  • Sara

    Good to hear you are doing well! Those pictures in the patch are beautiful — she’s looking less baby-ish. And you look great! All the best — enjoy that computer time.

  • BeachMama

    Great news that you are doing well. After my surgery they gave me oxycotin, but I stayed away, very far away from it. I lasted on tylenol. You look great and oh so tanned :). Have fun catching up on computer time. Love the photos from the pumpkin patch, very colourful and such a beautiful family.

  • Kisha

    I’m so glad that you’re doing okay.

    My favorite picture was the one of Toby taking a picture of Baby Bug with his super-duper camera. I just have this feeling that’s a pretty typical scene in your house.. one of you wielding a camera at her (or both at the same time, in this case!) I would too, if I were you–she’s adorable! :)

  • jP

    Mary Poppins is right. A spoon full of sugar. Becky has tested this and it works. We read about it in the newspaper column about medicine.
    It is amazing the operations they can do now and just cover it with a bandaide!!!

  • Scarlett

    Awwwwww SAJ, I’m so happy to see you smiling in those pictures!! So glad it went well and you will be snapping back in no time! yaaaay and baby bug is sure looking darling and festive!!! Ya’ll take care!
    Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

  • Onbeelay

    I hope you continue to heal quickly! I had my gallbladder out 3 weeks ago and it took a couple of days to walk upright…BTW, if you feel like you have any extra gas trapped in there (sharp pain in the shoulder) you can try 4 gas-x…worked for me!

  • LVGurl

    So glad that you are recovering well! Soon, I hope to read a post says the surgery was a huge success and that you are no longer in pain. And as usual, baby bug is the cutest! Feel better soon!

  • halloweenlover

    So happy to hear that all is well and you are recovering nicely. Enjoy the rest and I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed that in a couple of days you’ll feel as good as new! And able to eat lots of fatty yummy things! Like reeses peanut butter cups!

  • Jennifer

    So glad it went well. I was worried about you! I hope that you and Baby Bug are able to cuddle and snuggle soon. I love the pumpkin patch pictures. My baby has an almost identical top that we bought for her big sister almost 5 years ago :) She wore it to the pumpkin patch this past weekend but I only got one picture.

    Happy Halloween!!

  • dee

    Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hopefully you’ll be up and around soon and be able to cuddle Baby Bug again. Also, I LOVE the pumpkin patch pictures. I’m feeling bad that I didn’t take my son to a pumpkin patch after seeing all the cute pictures on the internet the last couple of weeks.

  • Emily

    Sending you love, we hope you feel better soon! I had surgery when Red was 3 months old and nothing is worse than hearing that baby cry and not being able to do anything about it. It will all be easier soon. Bug looks too cute in all thoes pumpkins! Feel better soon!

  • emilie

    hey saj,

    so glad to hear you are feeling better. leah (20 months) and i were sending you positive energy yesterday. i hope this cures your intense sickness that has been following you around for the past weeks.

    i have a question for you. i know you get a ton of emails, comments, etc., but if you have time to respond at any time in the future i would *really* appreciate it. i love your photography and have been experimenting with my dinky nikon coolpix, but would like to upgrade to digital camera that would take allow me to experiment more with light, shadows, etc. what camera do you typically use and can you recommend any or one in particular?

    happy halloween to you and your family.


  • aunt kathy

    So glad you’re home again and that all went well. You’ll be down at the beach with BB in no time, and sharing more “sand eatin’ baby pics” with us. Get well soon!

  • nina

    I am SO happy to hear you are on the mend, SAJ. If anyone deserves an easy recovery, it’s you.

    Your pictures of your little one are precious as always. I’m glad you have such a loving family to help out, too.

  • Ninotchka

    So glad you’re OK! You look too darned good for someone who just had surgery. :) And since when did Baby Bug go blonde? How did I miss this? Sending you continued wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Beckik

    Phew, I’m so glad everything went well. Enjoy your computer time before you feel all better and Baby Bug is going to attach herself to you!

  • Mykal

    I’m glad it went well, hope you are back up to feeling in tip top shape soon! (and back to eating yummy foods)

  • Liz

    First time comment – Just wanted to send you get well soon wishes. I enjoy your blog very much and always love pictures of baby bug. I had a baby (boy) bug of my own on 2/7/06 so they’re close in age!

  • Gena

    So glad you’re home and feeling better. As I said before, DO NOT OVER DO IT. Let your family help and take really good care of yourself. It hurt me to laugh for several weeks. We won’t even talk about having fun with hubby – we had to be really careful for a while! You will heal quickly, though, you are young. Get a lot of rest.

  • Nicole

    I would recommend taking the prescription big ass nuprins that you can get with a script. They are better for nursing and will help a lot after surgery.

  • gliterwolf

    I’m glad you are on your way to feeling better. I remeber when my Mom had big problems with her gall bladder and she was absolutely miserable.

  • josephine

    I have a little spy camera. It’s a Canon PowerShot SD20 digital elph. But I think I’m going to upgrade soon. I love it. I just use it all the time for taking movies and really I should be taking better quality movies since we are probably going to cherish the movies of BB forever… I love it most because it’s small and fits in my purse. I used to have a big fancy camera that I never used. These days they make the small ones as good, so why lug around a big thing? Sometimes I wish I had an optical zoom though. When I figure out what camera I’m getting next, I’ll keep you posted. (It helps being married to a professional photographer)

  • Anonymous

    I loved seeing Baby Bug in the pumpkin patch.

    It made me think of some pictures you posted a year ago, with your pregnant belly covered in an orange shirt. You looked so cute among the pumpkins.