Family Matters

Happy Birthday Baby Eric!

Becky’s baby was born last night a little after midnight. I don’t know any of the details because my phone was lost in the bottom of my purse and I missed the phone call from Becky’s husband. I hate my stupid purse sometimes. But thankfully my Grandpa came to the rescue and also left a message on my phone with the above info.

I will update this post as I hear more. Happy Birthday Baby Eric! Welcome to the family!

2:15pm UPDATE!

Becky called me! She made it through! Baby Eric is 7lbs 2oz and 21 inches long. He looks like his Grandpa (my Uncle Tim). He has Mac eyebrows and eyes and lots of brown hair. Becky is really really tired. She was 3 centimeters when they got to the hospital and in quite a bit of pain. I’m not sure how long her labor was but she had an episiotomy AND tearing. Poor Becky. Poor Baby Eric got stuck sideways and had to be rotated and was in a bit of distress. But he seems to be doing okay now.