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Relatives Visit!

While you all were duking it out over bumper pads and cribs from the 70’s, (which I appreciate, by the way, and I intend to give you an update on that whole saga soon) I was out galavanting the town with Toby’s sister, brother-in-law and my little one-year-old niece, Emster. We took them to The Wedge, a local surf/body surfing spot that is famous. The surf wasn’t as high as it has been other times I’ve been there, but it was still pretty impressive.

The Wedge is a spot where the waves come in at an angle into a corner between the shore and the man-made jetty. The back wash from those waves pushes up against the incoming wave and creates massive walls of water. It’s pretty scary. People die there every year. Sometimes we can see the white caps of the waves all the way from the other side of the harbor.

We sat in the sun and watched the body surfers kamakazi themselves through a few waves and then headed back home. On our way home we hit the fun zone and took the ferry back, for kicks. We also got inspired to make a reservation to take a Duffy Boat out the next day. That’s what you do when you live around here and people come to visit you from out of town.

Next post: Baby Bug’s first ride in a Duffy Boat and LOTS of pictures…


  • Ariel

    Balboa Island! I can feel the sand-coated sidewalk under my bare feet and taste the frozen bananas and smell the fishy smell of the bait shop… what a sweet place Balboa is. At least it was when I was a kid. I hope it hasn’t changed too much. Thanks for unearthing a flood of fun memories.

    When people come to visit us from out of town, we have been known to hit Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz… same same.

  • Clownfish

    Balboa is fun! We had family friends that live(d) on the island. I believe he invented the first collapsible stroller. He lived next door to Buddy Ebsen. I’m sure many readers are too young to remember Buddy.

  • Jennifer

    I remember Buddy. I guess I’m old, gah.

    My 4 year old had her first ice cream at Balboa. Was a great family day. Looks like you had one too :)