Bug,  The Zoo

Baby Bug in Clothes with Cats

What a day. I think my sides still hurt from laughing so hard. It sure was fun emailing everybody. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t multi-task any more. No more holding Baby Bug on my lap while I peck out an email one handed. She is at a stage where she requires my attention 100% of the time or she starts this edgy whine that works my last nerve and exhausts me. The more I ignore her, the worse it gets and I’m turning into this lousy mom who resents the child who needs her all the time.

So from now on I’m just going to have to shut the laptop and only check in during her naps and after she goes to sleep. Bummer I know, but I have to. Myspace smackdown is fun and I sure would like to zap all those hotlinkers but I just can’t. Today whupped me in the butt. I do not like a cranky needy baby. Even after she has been sleeping for an hour I can still feel the tension in my neck. It wasn’t until I strapped her into the sling and headed off to the nearest Mexican Food joint for dinner that I realized that I was just plain wore out. I thought about everything I did and it wasn’t more than usual. I think it was just trying to console her all day that zapped me.

But I’m not too zapped to post some cute pictures of Baby Bug playing with the cats. A couple of people emailed me saying they missed seeing the cats. I also got another email accusing me of never dressing my baby anymore. I know I’m guilty of that, but it has been hot in our apartment! So here you go, Baby Bug in clothes with cats.


  • Jennifer

    I try to be MOM during the kids’ waking hours but sometimes it’s hard not to want to sneak over to the computer and catch up on emails and blogs. Since my 4 year old doesn’t nap anymore I’m up all hours of the night doing MY stuff. Like now at almost midnight. I had cranky teething baby this weekend. No fun. Mine is doing the annoying “NYUUUH, NYUUUUH” that makes my ears vibrate.

    It’s good to see the cats. Pounce reminds me of our late cat, Toby (cool name, huh?). He was a stinker of a cat but was always around to give me hair massages whenever I was down. I miss my “Toby Tunes”. Baby Bug is as cute as ever. She wears pink well.

  • Nila

    My baby was in bed by 7 every evening. It was tough training him, took a lot of work on my part, but having them in bed early feels so good. Of course they did wake up eventually, but having a free evening, even if it was only 3 hours…there are no words. And establishing that bed time routine is saving me now, 9 years later. To bed by 8 on school nights with no fuss or complaint. Poor kids are used to it. Of course, I did this for me, not for them. I need alone time, especially when you spend the whole day with them.

    Baby bug looks so pretty in pink.

  • Daisy Mae

    Heck I am STILL worn out from my babies and my youngest turned 18 in July. They do demand alot of attention (and deserve it) but what a reward in the end.

    To be honest though – I’m glad you did multi-task yesterday and email us all because that was the best laugh ever. Greg and I were still chuckling when we went to bed last night. Especially when in the dark I heard him whisper to me “dude are you gay?” Then it was 20 minutes before we could stop laughing enough to go to sleep.

  • nikki

    baby bug teething? adorable pictures! it’s been a while since i’ve checked your blog and oh my how big she has gotten! too cute!

  • stavroula

    I promise not to accuse you of anything, especially regarding how you do or don’t dress your own child…

    It’s so tough when the baby wants you, just you, ALL the time. No person could be the perfect cheery responder constantly. But it just cannot be that the baby will be harmed if you are not at your best every minute, or even if you take a break in another room and let her fuss for a bit when you are stretched too far. I know, easier said than done…

  • Carrie

    I can so relate to this post. I can’t use the computer during Erik’s waking hours either because he either whines or he grabs at the computer and downloads voice recognition software and prOn. He’s talented. It is so exhausting and now he’s stopped sleeping through the night and I am just ready to shoot myself in the head or go to a hotel for a long weekend away all by myself.

    I hope whoever e-mailed you about BB’s state of undress was joking. If it was serious that’s really sad that someone has time to worry about how you’re dressing your kid (kind of like how my sister always tells me I dress Erik like a dork just because I don’t put him in sports clothes).

  • margalit

    Oh, she’s in PINK. My favorite color. And she’s so sweet with the cats. I wish my cats had been so nice with my babies were little. They just hid and hoped for the best.

    Thanks for the photos! And the good laugh yesterday.

  • pinky

    I certainly had fun emailing with you! That was an unexpected giggle in my day.

    (and if you ever put up a pink whale cafepress store, you have a guaranteed best customer :-))