Butternut Squash Surprize!

Clearly, it is more fun to blow raspberries and eat at the same time. Much better sound effects. This is a trick that annoys me greatly since I am meeting a friend for lunch today and I do not have a second outfit to change into.


  • Shannon

    Now you’re scaring me! My girls are about to turn 5 months this week and we’re starting them on food next week. E-gads!

    Great photo!


  • Jennifer

    HAHA. My monkey’s highchair is right next to our white water cooler and I was just pointing out the spray of squash on the watercooler to my husband this evening. Cute pic, looks like she means business!

  • kate5kiwis

    hey secret agent jo
    love your *spy guy* blog. my ten year old son would FLIP OUT about the spy cam pix if he wasn’t snoring right now.. i came here via beachmama’s blog, and i think your little girl is a cutie :o)