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Baby Bug Loves Starbucks

She wouldn’t be my daughter if she didn’t.


  • josephine

    In this picture you can see my bad bang job.

    Also: yes, I know Starbucks is the evil empire, and yes I have thought about the cockroaches that scurry across the plastic cups when they are kept in storage, and yes I have thought about the fingerprints and remnants of coffee bean grounds that Baby Bug might be ingesting when she gnaws on the bottom of my icy drink. But then I just put all that out of my head and remember how many times she’s crawled off her blanket and eaten cat litter right off the floor.

  • Charla

    I love it!

    All of my disinfecting rituals have gone right out the window with my second child (now 4 months old). It’s kind of hard to keep the germs away when her 4 year old brother is sticking his grimy hands in her mouth to suck on “because she likes it!”

    I’m sure that feels good on bug’s gums, too. Is she teething much?

  • Jamie

    Thank you for that side note.. my baby loves to suck on the cap of my water bottle and I always cringe at the thought of what might be on there… but don’t take it away because it makes her so happy. Glad I am not the only one!

  • josephine

    Charla: I think she is teething but she’s not fussy, just drooling and gnawing on everything. My mom says I was the same way, drooled for months and then got a tooth.

    Ginger Incognito: The tangerine drink was nice but it didn’t blow my socks off. I don’t think I’ll get it again. I wanted to try the pomegranite one but it has caffeine and I was trying to only drink decaf.

  • Jennifer

    I second what Charla said, my 4 year old is constantly bringing “treats” to my 6 month old (TODAY) babe. I find that most orange drinks look yummier than they taste. When will Baby Bug be getting a taste of “bad” foods? I let my babe lick some Big Stick Popsicle off my finger yesterday after Big Sis’s 4th of July parade at school. I thought she was going to turn inside out she was so happy to taste that frozen refined sugar, YUM!

  • BeachMama

    Starbucks recently opened a store within a 15-20 minute walk (depending how desparate) from my house. Five minutes in the car, with a drive-thru. I know they did it just to lure me in, but I am truly thankful. It gives destination for a walk, a walk to burn off the Starbucks and I love it!!!

    My sister and I have boys a week apart and we have photos of them at Starbucks since they were babies. It is great and they ask all the time to go to the “coffeeshop”. As long as I don’t start brining my computer, I figure it’s all good ;)

  • Kristin

    So sweet! Nolan drinks my iced chai latte straight from the Starbuck’s straw. He is also partial to purple freezies.

    He would cordially like to invite Baby Bug to be his girlfriend.

  • comfortablycrazy

    Superchic’s favorite drink is the peppermint mocha frappucino. She actually prefers it over the chocolate chocolate chip freme, which is Rapunzel’s favorite. I think she really likes the coffee taste.

    Thank you BeachMama, I thouht her bangs looked fine also.

  • Mama C-ta

    I have the same love/hate relationship w/Starbucks. It’s so hard b/c they are practically next door to me. But hold up, the pomegranite has caffeine?? I got that one instead of the green tea frap b/c I THOUGHT I was getting a decaf drink. Ah hell, I need the caffeine!

    My son Cricket attacked my decaf, soy iced white chocolate mocha before I could get it away from him. He loved it! We also have an empty Starbucks cup in the car for him to play with but now all I can picture are cockroach bits all over it.