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Pounce vs. The Cat Box

Pounce does NOT like the new cat box. He hates it in fact. I could say he’s scared poopless. He won’t even go in the room where it is, unless carried. I tried to convince him, as you can see in this little home made quicktime movie. But he won’t go near it. Poor Pounce, we subject him to so much torture. He’s such a good cat too. He didn’t even scratch me and when the whole ordeal was over he went back to taking a nap in the safe haven of the back room.

I still have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the cats to start using it, so it is not a loss yet. But I’m worried I might have to send it back and get my sister-in-law a refund. Yep, I found out who sent the magic self cleaning cat box. It was one of my sister-in-laws! I should have known. She says, “I don’t want my niece to have a rotting brain.” She has a good point. Taxoplasmosis is a pretty scary disease. Maybe the cats will come around. At least Lily likes the box it came in.