• preg-nuts

    Too Sexy for my Mask

    I thought you might like to see my cutting edge six-months-prego fashion statement. I call this the “clean the catbox gettup”. If I look carefully, past my bulging arms and triple chin, I can faintly see the line of where my waist used to be. I don’t think I look like I’m gaining that much weight but the scale says I am. So do my feet and my legs and my huffing lungs when I take my morning walks to the beach. There is a steep hill I must go up and down to get there and back. I call it “Cardiac Hill”. Usually it only takes me a few weeks to get into shape where I can walk up it without losing my breath. But lately… I’ve been walking up it every day for the last three months and it just keeps getting harder and harder and harder. But I have no intention of stopping. I think it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

    In other news: Thursday is my last day at my regular joe 9-5 temp job! Yay!!!!