Pregnancy Watch 6 months

I was wondering why I had the song “Love Shack” stuck in my head and I finally figured out why. It’s because every time I look in the mirror, I say to myself “You’re as big as a whale!” and then I guess I just sing the rest… ” I got me a car as big as a whale…We’re heading on down to the Love Shack!” Maybe that’s just funny to me.

Anyway, I do feel really big. Not like I’m moaning and complaining about gaining too much weight (though I do that too). I just feel like I’m much bigger than other pregnant woman at my stage. I went to a baby shower this last weekend and the girl it was being held for was half my size! She’s due in four weeks.

I guess everybody carries their babies differently and apparently little miss thing is sticking it all out in front. Sometimes I can feel bony parts pushing on my belly button. I think she’s in there doing hand stands horizontally from my back to my front. I don’t seem to carry much weight in the sides and everybody tells me I don’t look huge. I just look big in the front. Even my maternity pants are starting to get tight.

It’s very strange this whole pregnancy thing.

$200 Cat Box

Oh My!

I know you guys love me… but who sent me this $200 cat box that cleans itself!!!! I am in shock and awe! I haven’t even set it up yet, I am that shocked. Maybe I’m a little scared of it. I mean, how does this thing work!?? It’s crazy! Does this mean I will never have to clean a cat box again?

There was no note or return address… just two big whopping boxes including every kind of cat litter contraption you can think of, even a cat welcome mat so Pounce can keep his dainty paws clean! It is the coolest thing ever. It’s even battery operated so I don’t have to run an extension cord to it–which is good since I do not have a plug in the designated cat box area.

But what is really boggling me is that it just showed up on my doorstep yesterday! I’ve called everyone I can think of who would do something like this and nobody has a clue. Or somebody’s not talking. Was it a blog reader? Family? I do not know.

I don’t even know how to begin to thank whoever sent this.

I’m without words.