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    Daily Desktop

    Daily Desktop

    I don’t know if anybody’s noticed but I’ve been uploading desktop pictures every day and putting a link right over there on the right, underneath the spy cam. Somedays I can’t get to my computer at the right time. But it’s my goal to upload a shot of the beach every day. It’s my idea that it might be fun for somebody stuck in cube-land (or maybe Wisconsin) to have a picture of the beach to look at every day. (Not that I’m knocking Wisconsin, if you want to trade pictures of wheat fields that change color everyday, I’d be into that.)

    The beach changes every day and I want to share that with you! Plus, it’ll be incentive to get me outside every morning for my morning walk. So download if you choose. I’m not promising great shots every day. Some days might be complete duds (like fog on fog or I just plain suck at photography that day) and somedays I might upload later than others (like today because I’m baby sitting nights again and I don’t get home until 8:30 in the morning) but it seems like a fun idea for now. Who knows, when the baby gets here you might end up downloading shots of baby toes. Hmmm…probably only my mom would want that on her desktop.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share.

    I also want to say thanks a gazillion for all the helpful baby stuff advice! Wow! I’ve gleaned several important things already. I’m definitely going to look into purchasing that book Baby Bargains (and look they have a blog too!) and I’m not going to stress out so much about trying to get everything before hand. I feel a lot better about everything. Thank you!