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    spotty fruit

    I think it’s safe to say that summer is here but then who knows, it is still June. The mornings are still chilly. But the fruit is here!

    giant happy squash plant

    And my garden is exploding!

    tomatoes! flat peas!

    I’m such a happy farmer. I’m sure my neighbor thinks I’m a genuine nut with all the watering I do and the walking around crouching down taking pictures of things. It’s like they are my babies.


    The kids are doing great. They are properly bored as they should be so their imaginations can grow, grow, GROW!! We have no television (it’s a godsend, believe me) and they spend almost 100% of their time outdoors making up complicated games and cluttering up my yard. But I don’t mind. I’m just happy that Bug has playmates. We’ve come a long way from being bored in the beach-house living room and watching Nickelodeon all day.

    my assistant who doesn't assist much

    Of course I still have the internet so we struggle with that. I’m probably going to have to start clocking how much time the teenager puts in on Facebook.

    There are swimsuits hung on the line…


    …movies to be watched in the living room where the daylight seems to last forever.

    my hair is long enough to put up!

    And I’m wearing my hair up! A sure sign of summer.