• Gumball the Kitten

    Gumball Takes Over the World!!!

    You might think I have beaten the pink obsession to death. But you would be wrong. Ha Ha Ha Ha! I’m going to take over the world and paint it pink! Well, not really but Gumball the Kitten is. I’ve uploaded some pdf’s of Gumball (FREE!!! Whoooeeee!) and you can download your very own version (in color or black and white) and make him into anything you want. I dare you. Gumball the Kitten stickers, Gumball the Kitten bikini top, Gumball the Kitten mobile, Gumball the Kitten oven mitts or just plain old Gumball the Kitten as a paper print out. Color him or don’t. Anything goes.

    The only catch is, you have to take a picture of Gumball and send it to me or join my Gumball flickr group. You can shoot him from the front, you can shoot him from the back, you can shoot him from the side…as long as he is recognizable. It doesn’t matter to me. Come on, it’ll be fun. The most interesting photos I’ll post on my blog and give you some linkage. Maybe I’ll even make some Gumball swag, who knows where this could go.

    And if you can’t think of anything fun to do with Gumball, email me and I’ll give you one of my one-hundred-and-one ideas.

    Just do it. Do it for Baby Bug. But more do it for me, cause Baby Bug doesn’t really care that much.