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    gumball production

    Guess what? I LOVE iron on heat transfer paper. It’s like a whole new medium to me. I can make anything and iron it on fabric and then sew it into a pillow!!! ANYTHING! The possibilities are endless. Toby was not that impressed but I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. My art! On fabric! Nothing can stop me now.

    Sewing up the little gumball kitty pillows is not quite as fun as the instant gratification of the iron and peel process. I’m not as deft on the sewing machine as I’d like to be and my “circle” pillows morphed into the usual lumpy lopsided puffs. It’s okay though, I think they still look cute.

    Baby Bug agrees with me. They have officially been tested and approved by a baby. I don’t know if the heat transfer gum is toxic but Baby Bug slobbered on hers and she seems to be fine.

    After a full morning of pink kitty production, Baby Bug and I decided we needed a little break. We went for a walk to Starbucks and the beach. It was cold and windy. The wind blew the sand into little miniature dunes. We only stayed long enough to enjoy our lemon loaf and then we hustled back home as fast as we could. I try and keep Baby Bug’s hands covered in my jacket but she likes to be free. When we get home her little fingers are icicles.

    Toby says tonight and last night are probably the coldest of the year. I believe him. And of course these are the nights our heater refuses to work. Sigh. You know what that means, a dreaded conversation with the landlord. Ick.

    I hate to end a post on that note though… so think about fun pink asterisk butt pillows instead! Maybe I can snuggle my feet into the big bag of pillow stuffing. Or maybe I should just go to bed. I wanted to stay up and sew but as usual, as the clock nears nine-ish I start to feel less and less productive.

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    Meet Gumball

    What a day. I feel like I got run over by a truck. I think I’m catching The Cold version 2.0. Why?!! This is sooo not cool. Stupid Park with all those sneezing kids.

    I think today was a rough day because I’m on-fire-inspired to make pink kitty party stuff and my mind is not fully functioning on all the other tasks I need to do in a day.

    I hauled Baby Bug with me all over town and out to lunch. A lunch out is fun for me but not necessarily 100% nutritious or fun for her. She can’t sit in her high chair for the seven million years that it takes for her to actually eat a full meal in a restaurant—mostly because I’m trapped there sitting next to her and I don’t have that much patience. Whereas at home, I can do other stuff while I wait for her—like wash the dishes and check my email. The other thing that makes restaurant lunches unproductive is that she’s taken to swiping her food off the table and onto the floor. This is such an annoying trick. I hear myself saying “no, baby no” over and over and I know I need to find a better way. My voice is just floating away in the breeze to never never land, never to be heard by anybody except the seething busboy who is hiding behind the flapping kitchen door cussing me out.

    However, I think it’s good for Baby Bug to eat out. She needs to get used to it. I’ve been out with children before who never ate out and that was pure tortuous mayhem. I consider this training for both of us. I always leave a good tip on the table and I do the best job I can to scrape up all the spewed food from the floor in a five foot radius. This is tricky since usually by that time Baby Bug has no patience for sitting in the high chair any more and I have to hold her like a slimey food covered wiggling worm under one arm. Phew, just typing that makes me tired.

    Anyway, I did find heat transfer paper and pillow stuffing and bells. I gave up on the squeaky toy idea. I’m going to put a little jingle bell inside instead. You can’t find squeaky squeeze balls anywhere… well, at least not where I looked and I didn’t really feel like paying $1.99 for dog toys. I need to remember that I did have a budget at one time. Wha? Budget? What’s that?

    I’m dying to try the heat transfer paper tonight and whip up a sample pillow but my aching body says, no way Jose. So all you get is the digital file. Like the asterisk butt? I couldn’t resist.


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