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    Today, at the beach

    Bug and I woke up early and took a walk to the beach with the jogger stroller this morning. I always feel good about coming home after being gone for a while and getting back to the beach. I feel like I’m appreciating being home and what it has to offer me. We’ve had a couple of hectic weeks and I’m looking forward to slowing down. Not that we didn’t have fun, we had a blast.

    my exercise partner

    But slow is good too.

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    Phew! We’re back.

    Picture 1

    As you can see we had a pretty good time at the lake. I don’t think I’m going to back-blog it like I have other years but I did sketch the whole time so after I dig my scanner out from under the pile of un-opened mail, I might scan those and put them up.

    Picture 4

    If I had to pick a theme for this year’s trip it would NOT be fishing like it was last year. We did fish but we only caught bluegills. I would probably have to say that getting a kick-ass tan would be this year’s theme. It wasn’t intentional…I do have to worry about skin cancer and all but when you spend all day out on a lake basking in the sun, a few rays are bound to break through the 50 SPF sunblock. I think I have FINALLY gotten rid of my usual all-year-around farmer’s tan.

    Picture 5

    And Bug got stung by a hornet. But other than that it was just pretty much your average fun family trip at the lake!

    It’s good to be back. Now if only I could figure out a way to ignore all these dishes, the pesky deadlines, an empty refrigerator, two hungry mouths that need to be fed and all the other thousands of household chores that need my attention…