Super Deluxe Dish Rack of Happiness

nice rack

I bought a new dish rack yesterday and it made me extremely happy. I can only attribute my bizarre joy over such a mundane ordinary household object to the fact that I’ve been feeling low-level crappy for a long time and buying something new just for me made me feel really special and cared for. It’s funny how you can train yourself to do without and do without and then when you finally give in and buy that thing you wanted for so long it seems like the best THING ever.

super deluXe smooth edges

I’ve needed a new dish rack for over a year but have been putting up with the old moldy one because I told myself that if I really needed a new one I could just pull out a towel and hand dry them myself. Except I hate hand drying dishes! I hate it with a passion. I will stack and balance a mountain of wet dishes so high it causes avalanches of broken dishes before I break out a towel to dry them by hand. I don’t know why I am this way but I am.

I could probably write a novel on the nuances of why this dish rack makes me happy and what is going on in my life but my fifteen minute window of blogging is over. Maybe I’ll touch on those deeper issues another day.

Today, at the beach

Bug and I woke up early and took a walk to the beach with the jogger stroller this morning. I always feel good about coming home after being gone for a while and getting back to the beach. I feel like I’m appreciating being home and what it has to offer me. We’ve had a couple of hectic weeks and I’m looking forward to slowing down. Not that we didn’t have fun, we had a blast.

my exercise partner

But slow is good too.