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    tic tic tic

    the book that is wrecking havoc on my life

    I’m reading this book because it was displayed prominently at the library. I’m a sucker for a good cover design and I’d heard about it so I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. Well, now it has me questioning everything I buy at the grocery store and forget about eating out ever again (not that we do that much anyway since Toby has such an aversion to restaurants). I can’t even buy bread anymore without thinking about guar gum and monoglycerides. It’s got me all in a tizzy. Anybody have a good wheat bread recipe?

    everyday my French press mocks me

    You can’t really tell in this picture but every morning when I make my delicious French Press coffee I have to stare at myself reflecting in the lid with a bulging double chin. I hate it! In my mind I look just fine and then I look down and say, Ack! Who is that middle-aged person looking back at me?!! Of course I know that I am a three-dimensional person who is more than just the sum of her pudgy parts. But still it does sort of put a small teeny-tiny damper on an otherwise very pleasant part of my morning.

    everything I touch is pink pink is the new green

    The pinkness is killing me. I don’t know if you’ve heard but Bug is obsessed with pink now. The world is color-coded for her and if you remember how much she loved green then you will realize how consuming this new love of pink is. Hot pink to be specific but sometimes she’ll settle for other shades. Everything must be pink. There were tears involved on the day that you see her wearing jeans and a light pink shirt. Thankfully, she rectified the desperate situation with some pink sunglasses or else I don’t think I’d ever have gotten her to leave the house. She seriously wears pink puffy skirts (not tutus—they’re too scratchy) and a hard pink plastic crown EVERYDAY. It’s been going on for a month now.

    I wanted to have a snow birthday party for her this year with a tram ride to the top of a mountain in Palm Springs but I am having doubts that I can pull that off with a hot pink color palette. Hot pink snow boots maybe? Good thing it’s a long way off.

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    Super Deluxe Dish Rack of Happiness

    nice rack

    I bought a new dish rack yesterday and it made me extremely happy. I can only attribute my bizarre joy over such a mundane ordinary household object to the fact that I’ve been feeling low-level crappy for a long time and buying something new just for me made me feel really special and cared for. It’s funny how you can train yourself to do without and do without and then when you finally give in and buy that thing you wanted for so long it seems like the best THING ever.

    super deluXe smooth edges

    I’ve needed a new dish rack for over a year but have been putting up with the old moldy one because I told myself that if I really needed a new one I could just pull out a towel and hand dry them myself. Except I hate hand drying dishes! I hate it with a passion. I will stack and balance a mountain of wet dishes so high it causes avalanches of broken dishes before I break out a towel to dry them by hand. I don’t know why I am this way but I am.

    I could probably write a novel on the nuances of why this dish rack makes me happy and what is going on in my life but my fifteen minute window of blogging is over. Maybe I’ll touch on those deeper issues another day.

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