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Love You Babygirl!


Every Sunday we drive about half an hour to Payam’s mom’s for Persian brunch. When we pull off the freeway at her exit, there is a wall behind a Target that is covered with colorful graffiti. I gaze at it every time we are there waiting for the light to turn. I always think we should go back and take pictures but we always forget because on the way back we don’t see it. Out of sight out of mind kind of thing.


This time I mentioned it to Payam and Payam being Payam who remembers little things like this,  humored me and drove us there after brunch. We drove around the backside of Target, hopped a short wall, and squeezed through a chain-link fence. It butts up against a homeless camp of sorts. We see people lounging in the bushes and bumming cigarettes off each other. Shopping carts and trash litter the abandoned space. Nobody cares what it looks like.


In that perfect spot between abandon and entropy, there is an open space for creativity! I know my opinion might not be the majority but doesn’t it bright an otherwise very boring space?   colors-of-graffiti

And until I have anything better to say these pictures will brighten up this space. :)

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  • Gingermog

    Fancy having a mom who loves a good bit of graffiti! You are one cool mom ! When I first began my IG account (aeons after you did) it was to record the cool graffiti art I spotted on my travels. I wandered around a lot more pre covid days Brick LAne in East London was always a good place. Some cheerful person has sprayed on gates the message “smile when you se this message”, which I see a few times on my daily bus journey, which is nice.

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