giveaway,  Tis the Season

Merry Christmas! FREE CALENDAR!


I have a present for you!

You know what to do!

  2. PRINT
  3. EDIT — Get your red pen out and find those typos and mistakes! I dare you.
  4. COMMENT about all those errors you find, you smarty pants.
  5. WAIT for me to fix those errors and then come back at a later date to get your all-fixed-up calendar!


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you like it!


  • Kristen

    Are you still accepting feedback? January is missing the 11th (I was wonder how MLK Day fell on a Sunday since you had the date correct). You have St Patrick’s Day listed in April (as well as the correct date). October is missing a horizontal line in the grid between the last two weeks. So is November. I noticed you don’t have any Jewish holidays, and I believe you have in the past. I’m not Jewish, but it seems like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur should be noted?

  • Cathy

    Those are the ones I caught too but slow in posting! Thanks for doing this, really, your calendar is the best downloadable one out there! Happy 2022 to you, Bug and the fam!

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