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And then it was June


My summer has been going like these peonies: fast and furious. This month has been in such a great big hurry to make a flashy show and then get the hell over already. I’ve been meaning to blog since May about my trip to visit Susan in Grass Valley, Joon’s birthday, my mom having double knee surgery, and my constant trips back and forth to the desert…but in all the commotion I’ve somehow left my head unscrewed and it’s still swiveling around in circles making me a bit sea sick.


But I am still here! I’m busier than ever with work which is great. I’m stuffing in lots of family time and plenty of “hot girl summer” memories but I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to document them. So in the meantime here are some beautiful fleeting peonies.


Bursts of joy that make the maximum impact and then float to the floor as fragile whisps of their former selves, kind of like memories.


I have a giant print on my wall of some dead peonies fading on my dark scratched wooden table.  I love that print and the longer it hangs there in my dining room the more attached I am to it and to all fading peonies. They are the dark siren of the flower world. I join the masses who sing their praises.


So quick, so fleeting, so dramatic. Just like life.


I wish I had time to pick up each petal and remember them one by one by one by one. Maybe that’s what the afterlife will be like, just sorting through all the petals of memory. There surely are enough to last forever! Anyway, deep wandering vague thoughts that don’t make much sense. I’m just filling space until I can get back here to properly document things.


  • Cathy

    Ugh, you know I love these photos, just gorgeous. Looking forward to you finding more time to blog, want to hear about your trip! (Thank goodness for Instagram, haha) But I get it – it’s almost July, what!

  • Gingermog

    Such a beautiful post and analogy.

    Bursts of joy that make the maximum impact and then float to the floor as fragile wisps of their former selves, kind of like memories.

    Such a poetic statement. Perhaps heaven will be remembering our memories of here on earth :)

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