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Each Covid-ing in Their Own Way


Here we are at forty-something days into social distancing and doing pretty much the same. (I am better from my stupid cold from hell though!) I feel bad posting photos of us doing well and enjoying the nice spring weather when so many others are cooped up indoors and doing badly.  Things could be so so so much worse. But I thought I should check in anyway with a catch-up for my own documenting posterity.

The weather has been extremely nice. Spring is here with a flourish. Flowers are exploding and birds are going bananas. I’m just waiting for the other foot to fall and the bugs start coming out. So far, so good.

I’ve taken to walking the dogs in the early morning and chatting with my dad through our earbuds. We both have been remarking at how much we notice the bird sounds that we can hear from each other’s ambient sound. Earbuds are amazing. That’s one thing that this pandemic has really helped. We are all learning new ways to stay in touch with new technology and it is awesome.

My dad has discovered Zoom and is the new self-designated AV guy for his church, bringing God’s word to all the shut-ins (of which there are many, naturally). It’s just as awesome as it sounds. I think he’s found his calling.


The girls are managing through long-distance learning with ease. Again, we are stupidly lucky compared to so many and I feel guilty. (Is this a thing? That I constantly feel like I should be suffering more? I should just shut up and enjoy it but I do constantly feel guilty.) The girls are both self-motivated and get good grades without much antagonization from us.  It’s great. They are not taking advantage of all the links to extended learning that their uncles are sending them neither are they visiting virtual museums. They are not helping around the house or sewing masks for the homeless. They are becoming really good at gaming, binge-watching Netflix and occasionally baking.

To each their own.


We are getting used to masks. I need to step up my sewing game but I am severely side-tracked because I started sewing some wide-legged trousers out of some old sheets. The project is going very slowly and I am hating it. I have never followed a pattern before (outside of that one dress in home-ec in 7th grade) so I thought I’d take this time to teach myself. It’s taken a few facetime calls to my mom and I’m stuck at the bias tape stage. I should finish soon but I don’t let myself work on them during work hours so it’s slow-going.


I’m getting really good at snail mail though. I’ve added it to my daily routine with my daily coffee.  I need more routines like a hole in my head. I spend probably half of my day doing little routines and rituals and never really getting down to work. I doodle and glue and tape and send off little messages of love to whoever wants one. I’m not sure if it brings me more joy or the recipients. Right now I’m focusing on creating art with recycled cardboard and bits. I never look at a cereal or pasta box or cardboard from a pack of sparkling seltzer water without thinking about how many postcards I can cut out of it. It’s kind of silly but fun. I mean, why not, right? Who needs to be buying chip board right now when our recycling bins are over-flowing?


We have fallen off the Die-t wagon pretty bad. There may have been a few nights where pizza was ordered and chips and salsa were devoured. I am feeling pretty crappy about it. But I’m vowing to get back to it. It’s a marathon, right? Not a sprint. Slip-ups happen and we have to not give-up. I love making up meals ahead of time. I make big batches of lentils and coleslaw and pack them away in individual serving containers. It definitely helps with lunches and dinners when the kids just want mac and cheese or worse, take-out.


The other night we actually barbequed outside and it felt like a field trip. I miss traveling and planning camping trips. It’s terrible that my Little Hoo Goes Camping book is coming out soon and I can’t even promote it because it just doesn’t make sense right now. But when this is over I am throwing the most fun camping-themed book party EVER!


How long will this be the new normal? One year, two years? I miss the old normal.


  • Gingermog

    Hi lovely, over joyed to see an update :)

    I think you should promote your latest Little Hoo book as it will enable children to go camping in their imaginations. Just my two pennyworth. Think of all those Enid Blyton books which enabled inner city kids to escape and have adventures camping on the moors. If you read them :)

    I can empathise with a cook out in your back garden being an adventure. Sometimes we hop over the fence and go and sit and sketch a few fields away. Still social isolating as nobody is about ;) The woods are full of these tiny yellow flowers, bluebells (my favourite and wild garlic, I wish I could bottle the aroma and send it to you.

    I am glad the kids are ok and self motivated with their studies. I’m not doing anything special to help anyone either. If I had a 3D printer I would fancy making the plastic bits for PPE. I’m still sans sewing machine. I could just imagine the badly made scrubs I would make but I guess I could practice until I get it right.

    Sending you all much love from the farm.

    P.s. The swallows are back they are such a joy.

  • Cathy

    Don’t feel guilty about rocking quarantine! It’s nice to see you and the fam doing so. Love all the creativity that’s coming through your IG too- yay, go you!

  • Nina

    I loved your update and I feel guilty too because we’re staying fairly safe and we get the chance to walk our little dog around the neighborhood and we go birding at a local lake a few times a week to get out without being around other people.

    You have another Little Hoo book coming out? I am so happy for you and I now have a wonderful reason to now buy your books- a little grandson is expected this summer, our first grandchild. I don’t know if we can go see him due to the virus, but I can send books!

  • Anna

    You should not feel guilty one bit!! Everyone’s life is different and you have a gift to enjoy the beautiful weather at this time. Should I feel guilty because I live where I do? Not one bit, I feel blessed that we chose to live here and that we have wide open spaces. Something we had planned and are now even more grateful for than we were already. Yes others are not as fortunate, but don’t begrudge yourself your blessings. Instead enjoy for those who can’t!!!

    p.s I received a very beautiful piece of mail this week, made my heart very happy!!

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