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Golden Sunset Palooza


A few weeks ago I took Bug to the beach to shoot photos of Love Your Baggage’s new big beach bag AND meet up with some friends. It was cold and gray. Not really anything spectacular but as a local, you always kinda love those days because they aren’t packed with tourists.


Grays and blues, grays and blues….


It’s hard to believe Bug learned to walk on this very same beach. It seems like yesterday.


Thirteen, man. Thirteen!!!



We do love this bag. It’s super roomy and lined with really bright and pretty purple floral fabric.


As evening wore on I had to leave to take Bug to her Dad’s. Everything was getting really blue and pretty so it was hard to leave but the clock was ticking.



Then I dropped Bug off at her Dads and continued home.


And just as I was turning the corner to head back to my town I saw this view. In fact it was even more golden but by the time I u-turned the car around and parked this was the best I could get. Isn’t it amazing?


I just stood there on the side of the road gawking and shooting as many shots as I could as the sun sunk. Lots of other people also pulled their cars over to take a photo too.


And I vowed that someday I am going to live somewhere where I can see golden hour every day and it won’t be blocked by buildings and trees. Someday.


Until then, I just need to get out more!


  • Lynne

    I love the fact your love the golden hour. I find myself delighting in the evening sunlight myself and the enchanting shadows bright sunlight produces mid afternoon. I especially love seeing sunlight through leaves and the dappled affect of light through trees on the wood floor, light on water ooo just light generally. Wishing you many beautiful sunsets. ?

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