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    Golden Sunset Palooza


    A few weeks ago I took Bug to the beach to shoot photos of Love Your Baggage’s new big beach bag AND meet up with some friends. It was cold and gray. Not really anything spectacular but as a local, you always kinda love those days because they aren’t packed with tourists.


    Grays and blues, grays and blues….


    It’s hard to believe Bug learned to walk on this very same beach. It seems like yesterday.


    Thirteen, man. Thirteen!!!



    We do love this bag. It’s super roomy and lined with really bright and pretty purple floral fabric.


    As evening wore on I had to leave to take Bug to her Dad’s. Everything was getting really blue and pretty so it was hard to leave but the clock was ticking.



    Then I dropped Bug off at her Dads and continued home.


    And just as I was turning the corner to head back to my town I saw this view. In fact it was even more golden but by the time I u-turned the car around and parked this was the best I could get. Isn’t it amazing?


    I just stood there on the side of the road gawking and shooting as many shots as I could as the sun sunk. Lots of other people also pulled their cars over to take a photo too.


    And I vowed that someday I am going to live somewhere where I can see golden hour every day and it won’t be blocked by buildings and trees. Someday.


    Until then, I just need to get out more!

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    Rapunzel is back! (for a visit)


    Rapunzel came to visit! She’s gone now. I’m a little behind in writing about it.

    When she was here she special-requested that we have a beach day for old time’s sake. Then we got a little busy and only managed to squeeze in a beach dinner which was totally fine with us!  I don’t love sitting around at the beach all day as much as I love sitting around at the beach in the evening, watching the sun go down and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.


    I took my big new fancy camera and tried to capture some memories. Everyone is growing up so fast.


    I’ve been logging my days lately on a silly mood app (I can’t recommend it because it’s not really that helpful) and I have to say that this day at the beach registered as my best day all month. I think I just like spending time with family and taking photos. Those might be my two favorite things.


    Beach food isn’t so bad. I mean, it is so bad but that’s kind what is so good about it. Melty marshmallows with Nutella, crispy charred hot dogs with mustard and ketchup and Dorritos… mmm!


    Bug and Joon really got obsessed with roasting things. Cheries, salt and vinegar chips… did you know you can use Dorritos as kindling? Good to know!


    Payam is always the master of fire ceremonies.


    The girls are master posers.


    We sat around and talked and then had cherry pit spitting contest for old time’s sake. So classy.


    We watched the sun go down and burned things.



    It was a good night. And now Rapunzel is back home and we miss her but it was really nice to have her around for a minute!


    We’ll have to really put out the effort to get to the beach again and not just when guests come to visit.

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