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Coming in July: SAJ Art Camp!

I’m super excited to announce my summer ART Camp! It’s happening!  July 16th-20th, 2018. CaH-Razeeeee!  I mentioned it on Facebook a week or so ago but I wanted to go into a little more detail here. YES! I’m really am doing a summer camp for kids and whomever else wants to show up. We are open to all ages.

I’m totally nervous. Can I do it? I think I can! I have been making messes with kids for like 40-some years after all.

I only have eight spots open for each day so it shouldn’t be too out of control. I think I can handle eight people making messes at the same time. Can Payam and our living room rug handle eight people making messes? That is the better question. We are going to be painting, making paper mâché, swimming, cutting cardboard (box cutters and kids, oh my!) and learning proper technique, like how to clean and care for your brushes etc… It should be really really fun. AND MESSY!

So if you are looking for something fun and messy to do this summer please check out my art camp! Spots are still open but not for long! Just kidding. I have no idea how fast this camp will fill up. But some people have already enrolled so it’s HAPPENING!



      • Kristen

        Being able to interact with someone and ask questions would be much better! Probably more $ and harder to arrange though (but worth it from my point of view). But even tutorials would be great.

  • Lynne

    That sounds like a great idea, each time I ref-amiliarize myself with Illustrator for a job it feels like learning a whole new program. I have not found my groove with Illustrator.

    I’d love to help out at your Art camp too. Le sigh, distance. One day we will work on a creative project together.

    I remember your cat and dog exhibition from way back when ad is that a little Annalie in one of the photos?

    P..s I still have the cat plate you gave its in the farm, one day when I have a kitchen there it will hang in pride of place on the wall. xxx

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