Secret Agent Josephine Art Camp 2018!

JULY 16, 2018 Get Down with Acrylic Paint 10am-2pm 

This day will be devoted to learning how to paint with acrylic paint. We’ll paint with cheap craft paint on cardboard, we’ll paint with expensive paint on canvas. We’ll learn how to mix colors, how to create layers and shading, how to wait for paint to dry and most importantly we’ll learn how to wash your paint brushes so they last forever! Paint brushes are our friends. You’ll definitely come home with a masterpiece or two.

Splash, bang, done!

JULY 17TH, 2018  Sketchy Draw-y Fun 10am-2pm

Anybody can draw and we’ll prove it! You’ll learn to sketch, you’ll learn to doodle. You’ll even learn to draw hands!!! We’ll sketch inside and outside (in nature!) and EVEN upside down!  We’ll take you through a quick introductory of Adobe Draw and Adobe Illustration and then finish it off with a lesson from Bug on Anime!

Over, done.

JUlY 18TH, 2018 Paper Ma-(mess)-Ché 10am-2pm

We’re going to be dripping in flour-water-paste and feathered in shredded newspaper but have no fear we have lots of soap and we’ll hose you off when we’re done! (Just kidding. No hosing unless you want to.) This class will be outside and depending on the weather we will create wonderful three-dimensional creatures! Whether it’s a homemade piñata, a piggy bank or even a mask, you’ll end up with a masterpiece you’ll never find anywhere else! Let’s get Messy! (Due to drying time, project may extend into the end of the week. Plan on coming back to paint and/or pick up your masterpiece!)


JULY 19TH, 2018 Cardboard Whispering 10am-2pm

Oh the wonderful things you can make with cardboard! First we’ll draw up a plan (bring your comi-con dream boards) then we will execute it to the best of my craft supply cabinet abilities. Paint, glitter, tissue, peanut butter jar lids! You name it, we’ll find a way to make it and then at the end of the day you can WEAR it.

Pack your lunch and a snack!


JULY 20TH, 2018 Watercolor Pizza Party at the Pool! 10am-3pm

You always wanted to learn how to watercolor? It’s easy and it’s sometimes frustrating but we’ll teach you every trick we know and make it fun with a party at the pool. Learn how to make bubble paint, salt your paint and blow your paint! Watercolor something soft and pretty or create explosive scary monsters! Your call. But whatever you do you’ll be happy you spent the day outside learning a new skill and making new friends!

Lunch Provided (if you like cheese or pepperoni pizza. If you don’t, pack a lunch!)


Tune in for next year! SAJ Art Camp 2019!