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Something New Under the Sun! Pumpkin Patch Post


There is something new to write about pumpkin patches! What was I thinking saying there wasn’t?  I always go wrong when I start writing for my critics. When I wrote my last post I was thinking about all the people who are sick and tired of looking at pumpkin patch posts. I imagined that someone would roll their eyes and make some snide comment about how I curate my photos to make my life look rosy.  Well phooey. Who cares about them, right? They don’t need to read these posts anyway. You guys want to see photos of these amazing kids that are growing up like weeds. Time is flying by. I can’t treasure it enough.


I feel like we’ll blink and they’ll be teenagers.


Bethany and her kids always drive up to our house and go to the pumpkin patch with us. It’s tradition!  I love that we live within walking distance of a pumpkin patch that’s open to the public.

A funny thing about where we live is that the rest of the city looks down their noses at us. This is mostly because we are the cheapest apartment complex in the whole entire town but that is saying nothing because our rent is still pretty high. The rest of the town is just seriously over-priced. It’s an older complex from the 70’s and it’s a little out of style but I don’t care because the walls are thicker, the rooms are bigger, storage areas are bigger (have you seen my closet?) and it’s right next door to a farm!! We have the best view of a nature preserve and a farm. You can’t beat that.

Some developers recently tore down an old abandoned school on the other side of us and built MILLION DOLLAR HOMES. I’m not even exagerating. These homes do not have an ocean view. They don’t even have our farm view. They are so close to each other you could literally open your window and reach out to lend your neighbor a cup of sugar. The rooms are tiny and the walls are thin. I think anyone who pays that much for that little is getting ripped off.

I guess it’s all relative. I’m sure some people in Texas who get a whole house with a yard and a view for what I pay for one bedroom think I’m completely loony.


So here we are all at our favorite right-across-the-street pumpkin patch having so much fun. We went right when they opened (because we can!) and just beat the school field trip crowds by minutes. Sometimes this pumpkin patch gets really really crowded. But we’re locals so we’ve learned a trick or two.


We wandered around looking for the most unique pumpkins. Ones with curly stems or color variations. The farm has figured out variations are what makes pumpkins sell so they’ve cross-bred them with all kinds of gourds and squashes to get really interesting pumpkins. Lumpy pumpkins, big fat pumpkins, pink pumpkins (sadly not pictured), white pumpkins, striped pumpkins and even green pumpkins. They’ve got all sorts.


Curated or not, it was a great day. I hope we keep this tradition up until these kids are bringing their kids. Blink a few times and see if it happens.


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