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    Ping Pong Ball Eyes


    I wasted twenty of my thirty designated blogging minutes trying to get these images. Not a very good use of my blogging time if I do say so myself. But then again I’m my own boss so I can push back of the rest of my schedule. This is why I never get anything done and why everyday is Monday and everyday is Saturday when you are a freelancer, right? You know what, freelancing is the future. I think someday everyone will work from home and then we’ll backlash and start going to offices that we pay rent on because we are sick of sitting around at home not getting enough done.

    Let’s talk about googlie eyes and how fun it is to stick them on everything. I facebooked a picture the other day and my sister-in-law linked me to this SNL skit with Christopher Walken. I wish so badly I could see the original because I have a feeling it would make a very deep part of me happy.


    So anyway, these are not googlie eyes they are ping pong ball eyes leftover from my pumpkin creations!  They’re awesome. They make my garden even more fun than it is. What you don’t think my garden is fun looking? It needs a little TLC but I love it.  It’s the best place to sit and drink a cup of coffee and dump all your thoughts in your journal.



    It has crossed my mind that all these updates are annoying on facebook.  Is that true?

    Beep! Beep! Times up!