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    Father’s Day Round-Up


    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I have been BUSY lately! It’s really an answer to prayers so I am not complaining at all. I’ve got my newish job plugging away at the Stationery Company and then I’ve partnered with metta prints making big cardboard things and I’m also now making weekly printables for Alphamom!

    So I thought I’d just do a quick round up of all the father’s day posts I’ve been writing lately.

    We made some printable tattoos. They turned out super cute. It was a real scramble to find a Dad willing to let me photograph him but thankfully one of Bug’s classmates came through at the eleventh hour. Seriously, we took these photos five minutes before the bell rang at school drop off the morning my post was due. Cah-razy! Good thing those two were photogenic!


    We also made some cube cars—a variation on the Daddy Cam


    I like this craft because we got to use spray paint. I know spray paint is not really the safest art supply but I like to go rogue once in a while.


    I also whipped out a quick colorable card for Dad. That’s always handy for the last minute gift. And if you like that one you might like this one too made by my co-contributing writer, Lindsay Boardman. She always has the best crafts and sometimes we even think alike!


    And last but not least I made a quick how-to-tie-a-tie printable in case Dads or Grads needed a little extra help. I know I did. I thought you’d appreciate that the tie I used to photograph the printable was my dad’s from 1972! It was the only tie I had! I think it turned out cute. I’m so thankful that my Dad gave it to me a few years ago. I don’t care how out of style it might be, it will always be special to me.

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    My Very Small Patio Garden


    Remember when Bug and I used to live in the Sticks and we had a GIANT tomato garden that we harvested buckets and buckets of tomatoes from? Oh, those were the days. I miss them. I loved that backyard. Too bad it came with neighbors that liked to cuss and swear and scare the crap out of me on a regular basis. I do not miss them at all. But I do miss the garden, and Holly. We still get to see Holly when we visit my mom but I miss having her around. She was such a love.

    My neighbor downstairs has an old yellow lab and even though he pees and poops in their small courtyard and the rank smell of it wafts up to my upstairs windows, I don’t mind too terribly much because the old dog is lovable and he reminds me of Holly. He’s really old and he has big benign tumors growing out of his chest and sides. Every time we go up and down the stairs he hobbles over and gives us a big throaty low bark between the steps. Not a scary bark. Just a deep Hello, how you doin’, Wanna pet me? kind of bark. We do pet him and he pants and lays down.

    But he’s not Holly. And my little patio garden, even though I love it, is not my big-back-yard sticks garden. Them’s the breaks.

    However! I love my patio garden! It’s perfect for sitting on and drinking coffee. I have my two chairs and several pots and my little pink spool left over from Bug’s Fushia stage. It’s all very pleasant.

    A few months ago when Bug and I were walking around our apartment complex we found a baby tomato plant pulled up by it’s roots and just laying on the ground. I think someone must have thought it was a weed and pulled it and then forgot to throw it away. Of course we know the smell and look of tomato plants so we snatched it up and planted it in a pot on our patio.

    I haven’t gotten around to buying any new soil for my pots (it’s all old leftover from the sticks) or buying any fertilizer so the garden could be thriving a little more but it’s poking along. Then when one of my neighbors saw that I had an interest in tomatoes, she bought me a big Hearty Girl tomato plant and I planted that one too. So now I have TWO tomato plants. Not bad for a tiny little patio garden. They are growing bigger and bigger everyday. One advantage of having such a small garden is that I see them when I come in and out of my house so I don’t forget to water them AND there are no weeds. At least not yet anyway.


    Also, I get to look at it from my kitchen window when I do dishes. Not too shabby! (The cats like it too.)