I see BIG things…


If you follow my instagram feed you’ve probably been wondering what is up with all the GREAT BIG GIANT cardboard things lately. Well, let me tell you! It’s so exciting and it’s really in the early stages so things could change a lot over the next year but I’m involved in a new start-up company called Metta Prints. They print anything and everything in large format and they cut them out with a giant robot. It’s pretty cool. I think we’re going to make a little movie about the process eventually.

Usually people blow up photos of their kids for birthday parties or life-size cardboard cut-outs of Justin Beiber or giant flowers for their walls…but they’ve partnered with me to blow up graphics. SAJ graphics! You know me, I’m all about the cardboard. We’ve been making all kinds of things.


Giant Eiffel Towers, giant ampersands… Yes, Secret Agent Josephine in Paris is supposed to come out this fall. I’m going to make a giant SAJ character next and hide her behind doors and freak everyone out. It’s going to be so much fun.

Basically right now I am helping Metta Prints build their website so we are making things and photographing them. The site works but it’s very much in beta stage right now. If you want something big, like really really big, just hit me up. I can make it happen for you. Eventually we are going to have contests and giveaways and all kinds of fun things. There’s talk of a Build Your Own Monster interface. How fun would that be?!! We might make furniture and giant cardboard castles. Who knows…the sky’s the limit. Actually, I think eight feet is the limit but that’s plenty big enough for me!


If you are a photographer and you are looking for props or maybe you’re having a family reunion and you need a giant cut-out of the family name you might want to keep Metta Prints in mind. Email me. Wouldn’t a giant ampersand be the cutest thing for engagement photos?


You think on that and I’ll go drink my BIG GIANT COFFEE and wait for you.

20 Comments I see BIG things…

  1. Sonja

    Do you need to take photos of your giant things? Noah’s birthday party this year has a water/underwater theme, perhaps we could do a photobooth with your big little crab?

  2. Dippy Daloo

    So, so cool! Great, now I want to have a family reunion just so I can have some big props for people to take funny pictures with. Then we’ll take the funny pictures and make them into a Kodak book and give to every family member at Christmas, And then we can plan to do it every year.

    But….(always a but isn’t there) my family is really, really (and I do mean really) small.

    That’s okay though. I’ll rent one! YAY!!!! Seriously Brenda, you come up with the most awesome ideas. Love it!

  3. Dippy Daloo

    PUGS! Now that I have! (Or at least my daughter does) The Alabama Pug Rescue has an event every spring called “Pugs on Parade.” This would be a perfect item for them to use! I think I’ll suggest it to them. You need to do pugs. Pugs are so cute!

  4. Becca

    Oooh, the ideas! I do like the giant ampersand. And plus and equal signs would work for family photo shoots. And giant 1’s for first birthdays…and and and

  5. Angelique

    This sounds/looks so wonderful. Perfect idea for your graphics work. I’ve been a fan of your cardboard projects for years. Congrats on your newest gig!

  6. Daisy

    I love this! How do you ship them though? Do they fold?
    What is it made out of? I have an idea for Halloween… but it needs to be weather resistant!

  7. Heather Sanders

    I should probably not read the most recent posts first, because then I would not make comments that make absolutely no sense.

    Geez Louise.
    Geez Louise and Jerry.

  8. Janna

    This is AWESOME! I can see this in engagement photos, wedding photos, newborn photos, family photos, for props at birthday parties and more. Super cool! I have several friends who are photographers I am sending them a link to your blog now.


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